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i LOVE this game. i loved when the night comes but i love this even more somehow if that's possible. the nomad is my favorite i cant wait to learn more about everyone as the story goes. also...raiden. that is all. 

Thank you so much! 


So finally finished all three routes and enjoyed them greatly. I think I was only disappointed a bit with the Nomad. While it's my favorite 'class', I just feel so... incompetent in this role. Other than getting a gut feeling of the key players involved and the full story of Erik... I feel like the MC failed at everything else and doesn't seem to stand out really. As the viper says - just some random new eyes. Maybe it's just me but it leaves me a bit bitter. 

Regardless, very much looking forward to the next chapters. 💜


Sometimes being  the anti-hero is fun. Exploring normality in protagonists is something we really enjoy, because we think it gets a little boring when everyone is 'the chosen one'. We really hope you enjoy the rest of the story! 


Oh, I totally get that and you won't hear me arguing. I think I was more considering things I expected a shadow to know, when they work the industry, such as the official story of Erik or some more general info on Novus as a whole. Also seems they kinda suck as a spy, since pretty much everyone saw right through them 😅

And like I said, maybe it's just me and the fact that I read the other paths first but I can't help but feel incompetent as Nomad.

I just want them all to have a moment where they can shine - within their limitations. Either way, very excited about the upcoming chapter(s) and won't make me quit or not read on. The world and paths are beautiful and intriguing as they are, so please take it as an opinion, not criticism.


I'm just curious, in the game when you wanna romance a certain character and have the choices come up, there's always these tiny symbols/drawings on a choice, what do those choice represent? because i've seen a symbol with a heart (which, logically, would mean that it'll contribute to go into the romance route right), and then i've seen a symbol that looks like a dove (if im not mistaken?), and then another one where it looks like a hammer or a cross? and i just wanna make sure so that i could properly romance my babies lol


We’ll be tweaking these symbols with the next chapter update so they’re clearer! The heart button is the only one that initiated a flirt, but here are the rest of the symbols :) 


Ah i see. This is new :D i like it. But besides the flirt option which would contribute to the increase of the romance of a certain character, do the other symbols affect our MC's personality and how each characters would react to us? Like the harsh, honor, or cunning options?

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@Lunaris Games

Is Flirt the only way to pursue a romantic relationship or will the other options still work if you say something that is agreeable with that character's disposition and or beliefs? Or what we say doesn't matter all that much aside from flavor text and shaping our character?

Let me clarify the latter a bit - is it going to be one of those situations where we get a prompt to choose our love interest and from there on out the path is set, regardless of our dialogue choices? Will we get different endings with said character based on our choices?


You can explore every single flirt option with every character and this will not affect who you're able to choose to romance later on. You will be given a clear option to select your love interest(s) of choice at some point, out of all 8 romance options. What you say and do throughout the game will affect later interactions and the direction of the game, and there will be different endings. 


Are you guys going to make a mobile version? Thatd be awesome if you did!


We plan to when the game is complete! 


I thoroughly enjoyed chapter 2! The characters are all lovely and interesting, but my favorite part of the game so far has to be the MC themselves. I'm playing all 3 of the MC routes, and I just love how you have written each one and weaved them all together! I look forward to  chapter 3. 


Thank you so much! x


Chapter 2 was amazing! I like that the stakes seem be raising a little now and everything is getting a little more heated in general. I love the story, the art, and all the different character. Also, I didn't think I'd have such a hard time choosing who to romance (and I mean this as a good thing.) Before going into the game I was dead set on romancing Lucien and only Lucien my first playthrough -now I find my character equally flirting with Raiden, Lucien, and Erik. This is super fun and I'm really glad I backed the Kickstarter!


I played both chapters and absolutely loved it!! I love how you fill the gap of certain information playing a different route, and I can’t wait to know more.

I have two questions, though. When the options to answer appear, I can clearly tell what the hearts mean, but (I don’t know if it’s my screen or something else) I can’t really distinguish what the other symbols are and what they imply. Could you help me on that?

Also, will it be harder/easier to romance certain characters depending on your role? Because while in the nomad route it was clear as day that Raiden and Erik were easier to “flirt with”, playing the ambassador it seemed that both dislike the MC up to a certain point. 

But anyway, as I said, I loved it so very much and I’m eager to see what you guys have in store! <3 


Hi everyone! We’ve now fixed the issues reported in the last devlog and have issued an update/patch to the build. 

Can we still ask that you refrain from reporting issues/bugs in the comments and either post them in the devlog comments or email us on so we can correctly keep track of them and be able to seek further information if required! 

You can read the patch notes here.

As always, thank you for your patience and support!


Chapter two was AMAZING, thank you for all your hard work, the game is just stunning. I’ve tried out the different roles and so far I’m loving the wanderer the most, although I’m not sure they’re particularly good at being a spy or a shadowy figure at all lmao. Anyway, I enjoyed bumbling around after Raiden despite everything, it’s kind of funny being the character that’s just like “What? Bold of you to assume I know what I’m doing” all the time. I’m excited to see what happens to the MC next. 


Thank you so much! We’re glad you enjoyed and, yes... Nomad is definitely chaotic ;3 

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I’m just imagining them as like this middle-aged woman wheezing and trying to climb fences behind Raiden lmao. Just being like “well gosh this seems shady as heck, I don’t even know how I got here but that is very impressive. Look at you go, so fast, so strong!” haha. 

I really enjoyed chapter two! The thought and effort you place into your storytelling is amazing and I can't wait to see how this story unfolds. All of the interactions we had with all of the characters were really fun to explore. And all of the artwork is so beautiful! Each new CG or sprite or background always blows my mind. And the mini game was so much fun! You guys all work so so hard and it's really made something amazing so I just wanted to thank you for all of that hard work and effort, your games never fail to make my day brighter :) 

I downloaded the update, played through all of the Ambassador, and some of the Knight before the patch to fix things. I save, download the patch, load back into the game, and all my saves are gone. >.<

Is it going to do this every time there is an update? ^.^;;;

That definitely shouldn’t have happened! However, we know why and we’re just re-uploading the windows builds so your saves should reappear (code magic, or something?) so keep an eye out for that new file! It should be up within the hour. So sorry about that! 

All right, thank you very much. I appreciate it. ^.^


sorry to add to a growing "found bugs" list, but during my playthrough of the ambassadors route, i found some of the dialogue options were incorrectly labelled. for example in the prologue during the bar scene with erik and raiden i meant my ambassador to say to raiden that he was only making a remark and not trying to flatter, but instead he said that raiden obviously cant tell the difference between manners and flattery. its something minor and i havent seen anyone else mention it so i might be alone in experiencing it. 

i know you guys work hard to make sure we get a quality product and i want you to know that your work is highly appreciated :)

These have been fixed in the patch 👌🏻

Hi! I am also replaying my ambassador. I've downloaded the most updated version so far here on itch. I found another similar dialogue bug in Chapter 1. When speaking with Erik outside of his cabin, the dialogue options are all jumbled up. Picking the first option to "Blame Raiden" initiates the flirt dialogue; picking the flirt option gives you the dialogue regarding Livia; and picking the "Livia takes after you" option gives you the dialogue to blame Raiden.

Loving the new interface and I'm so happy to be able to play the new chapter! You always do fantastic work!

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I'm really impressed by the work you've done migrating the game to a new extension program, let alone the new chapter (which I'm just getting to and will edit this comment once I'm done). It works a lot more smoothly and just on a technical level it's very impressive, especially since you've done it in less than eighty days!

Heads up though, I've noticed two glitches - the log screen shows up behind the text box, which obscures a fair bit of the "close" button, and when you go to overwrite a save in the new save screen, the prompt shows up underneath the save screen, so you can't see it until you've exited the save screen and you need to press the escape key just to let yourself click things again after the initial glitch.

Edit: so having finished the new chapter, I think the new content is fantastic and generally well-programmed. However, there is an issue with the choice of drink whilst talking to Erik in chapter 3 where it essentially runs you through all the choices and forces you through the water dialogue in the end.

The previous content, as other people have mentioned since my comment, does have issues with the implementation into the new extension editor, but I genuinely think that could mostly be resolved by a thorough patch before chapter 3's release. 

I've also gone back and found an issue, as mentioned by another commentator, that the log will exclude recent dialogue. I think this only occurs after you open the log window a second time, and even then it will sometimes show text after the first time you opened it, but it's still significantly behind the current text. 

This seems like a more complicated issue, if only because I can't seem to find a consistent pattern in how it works, but it's been an issue even after I closed and reopened the new version, although it did work successfully the very first time I opened it.


Thank you so much! We were very aware it wasn't where we wanted it to be and we will still continue to make improvements with every update. And thank you for the glitch report! x


You guys, I'm so excited about the upcoming patch. I knew you were working on it, so I didn't want to complain but the gameplay was a stumbling block for me. I'm so, so happy you were willing to put in the heaps of work necessary to overhaul stuff. <3


We really hope it improves your experience x


Hello I'm really looking forward to this game and can't wait for this game to be fully released. I played When The Night Comes and it was just fantastic I love this game. Thanks a lot for this. Looking forward to many more of your games.

Thank you so much <3


when will chapter 2 come out and how many chapters will be  there??

Digging everything so far - can't wait to see more, especially from Erik <3 :)

So far... I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT!!! I mean it is only the first episode, but it is spectacular. 


Thank you so much!! We hope you enjoy the rest as the story unfolds :) 

I love this game so far and all the characters are so charming. Also the art is beautiful!!

Hello friends at Lunaris Games! Ive been trying to get my game for a while after purchasing a copy on kickstart. I've been on the page where I put in my email to get the key but nothing has ever been sent and Ive checked spam and every folder I can trying to find it. I would love any help you can give, I'm eager to start Errant Kingdom and hope to be able to enjoy it soon. I send you so much love and appreciation! Thank you!

- Alesia

If you can email us on with your backer number we'll sort this for you ASAP! We have been slow responding to emails recently so if you've already sent us one please bear with us and we'll check! 

Wonderful! Thanks so much! Very grateful for your help :)


I am really enjoying the game so far! The art is beautiful and the story is very complex. I'm not far in but I love all the characters so far, and all of them so far are diverse in personality, looks, and backstory! And the backgrounds are really nice!

However, in the beginning of the game, one issue I'd like to note (I am playing on a Mac, through the Itch app,) was when I selected my class. The Ambassador was the only class on which the info appeared for when I clicked on the card. The info for the other classes would not pop up, even if I hit "back" and tried to select them first, so I had to come back to this page to view the Kinight and Nomad class info. 

Thank you for letting us know! We'll look into this.

any chance you guys will be releasing this game either on Android or IOS?

We're planning on doing this when the game is complete :)

Are there differences depending on what race you choose?

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They made a post about it here.

For future reference, pressing Ctrl + F it will bring up a little search engine in the bottom left corner that you can use to look for something in a page. I typed in "race" and it instantly highlighted the word on the screen (if present) and told me how many matches existed. I pressed the down arrow (next to the input space) to scroll through the several mentions and the last one was a month ago.

Since the authors already replied to that comment, I took the liberty of re-posting their link here. ;)

I mean ingame/gameplay differences, like characters reacting differently or things happening, or having special choices, depending on your race. Or if it's just a few changes in flavour text. ^^

And the ctrl + f shortcut doesn't seem to work in the app, which is what I use.


>3> I really love this game<3 GO RAIDEN!! <3 >3< love him soo much!


(Comment after having played both Prologue + Chapter 1, for reference)
I think one of the things I really appreciate so far is that all 3 routes have a slightly different tone and style to how MC dialogue and interactions are written, where you actually get to feel like you're playing people from different if not cultural than at least economical backgrounds. How the various characters respond to you also changes, and I think that's very interesting in how you get to see different sides of them depending on who you play, and how some might be.. downright rude to you almost, compared to a lot warmer depending which background you pick.
Kind of confused for now how the stats are gonna play into the story, since sometimes you kinda have to sacrifice rep for heart options, tho it then again lets you sorta make up for it, but it does makes me consider whether in some cases it's actually a bit of a gamble as to how the story will eventually play out.
Very much on board so far! Fair warning, the UI is suuper clunky atm, but I know that it's a work in progress as well, and the essentials work well enough. Definitely having fun with this.


Hey guys, I've played your other game before, and was really interested in this game when it was announced since I've seen how good you guys are at what you do. So I went to play the demo on my mac and I noticed how unless I'm on the main menu, (the first page that pops up when the game launches), I can't click on anything. For example, on the main menu I clicked Options, and from there it took me to a screen to where I could change text speed and other things. So I tried to drag to change the text speed and it didn't work. I tried the back button and nothing happened. I hope this comment gets your attention so you can hopefully see what's wrong. Can't wait to play the game once it's fixed!


Hi! Sorry to hear you're having issues. Some Mac users have reported this happening when the game isn't in full screen mode. We're not 100% sure why but if you can navigate to the options screen and enter full screen (apply settings, then 'keep changes') this should prevent the button issues from happening. If the issue persists please email us on and we'll see what we can do to help! 

It worked! Thanks for the help.


Hello guys! I really enjoy Chapter One.  I'm a bit curious. We have different origins to play through but does the history for each MC up to headcanon or there's a pre-determined history for each? Like for example from the knight origin, I headcanon that my MC is a second child from a noble house and she has been entered into the knights as per their family tradition.  


There are no set backstories for the MC’s other than what’s shown on the back of the cards during character selection, so you’re free to build your own! 

That's good to know!! Looking forward to creating a backstory for my MC. Thank you so much! 


So I haven't had a chance to play the new update yet and it's possible I'm worried for nothing, but is there skipping/backtracking functionality in the new version?  If not is that something that's being considered?  It's not always easy to figure out how a dialogue choice will go just from the prompts, which makes going back useful, and it's a VERY text heavy game so skipping is another tool that would be useful, particularly on replays 


You can skip by holding 'ESC/escape'! It will skip all dialogue and pause at menus only. We don't have rollback as this isn't something supported/pre-built in the system we use unfortunately.

Ah, thanks for letting me know about skip (and understand about back)!

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Update 15th March 2020:

I asked the amazing Team over Twitter and they replied almost instantly - their dedication really is something else! 
The updated files should be working correctly, at least it does for my Mac through the application. 

As for the game. I have no words. This visual novel is one of those games,  all the other games you'll play one day will have to compete with. 
The art is fantastic, I love the details like the clouds moving or the characters blinking/changing postures all the time; the story is superb and very intriguing  and the choice system is also very interesting.

I would recommend this game to anyone, because you as the player have so many options to shape your own story (preferred pronouns!!!!! optional romance/sexual content!!!!!!).  Not only the main characters, but also the side characters are extremely diverse and I never felt it was forced. That also shows how fluent and natural the writing is.

The developer team is so kind and friendly, you rellay feel their enthusiasm and love for their work. 
I would also like to say how extremely proud I am of their work - my first ever visual novel was 'When the night comes' (their first game!), which is undeniably fascinating and you really notice the progress of the whole team throughout Errant Kingdom. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Questioning buyers please consider this amazing game and support your LGBTQ+ inclusive and diverse indie game developers!!! 

Original comment/review:

Dear Lunaris Games Team,

I received an account key through Kickastarter and claimed it right away. I wanted to wait until the first chapter was published to download it, but the app for my Mac only downloads the Demo, never the game itself! 

I'm really disappointed I can't play the game since I backed you and all, is there a way to fix this? I tried downloading the game through my internet browser but the game still won't open ("this application cannot be opened").

I would really like to play it and would be grateful to have a solution soon! 
Thanks in advance for any advice!


Thank you for your lovely review! We hope you enjoy the rest of the game x


Hey so quick question how is the nomad a nomad if they have a hometown


Nomads can be defined by both someone with no fixed home, or someone who wanders from place to place before taking root somewhere (albeit temporarily before they move on again)  :) 


Really love this game and the fact you can be a half Fae is great, can't wait till fully out <3


Thanks for Linux :D

is this the full game? just wanted to ask before I buy

No, there's only the prologue so far - the game is still in development.

ok I will wait ^^ very interested

Hi there! I adore When the Night Comes and I'm so excited for Errant Kingdom. I purchased it on February 15th but was unable to access my Steam Key. I emailed Itchio for support with this but I have not yet heard back from this. Is this something you could help me with at all?

Email us on and we can take a look! 


played 2 out of the three characters so far, and absolutely loving it.  my only question is, what does each end of the meter mean at the top left for all the characters? 

They posted a key on their tumblr

To what degree is Roux asexual? I know that intimacy depends on what a person is comfortable with, but I just want to know how Roux views the topic. Are they completely sex-repulsed or more positive about it?


Roux certainly isn’t repulsed by the concept of sex but the idea of having it themselves isn’t something they find pleasurable.


What about other forms of intimacy? Also, how would this affect their route, in comparison to the other characters?  I am hoping to buy the game in the future, after I finish playing W.T.N.C.  I am not completely well-versed about asexuality, but I am still very interested in playing Roux's route.

Any chance this will be on steam?

It's already out on steam! :D

(2 edits)

are we going to have poly relationships as well? :D when can we expect the first chapter?


Yes there are two; Maja & Erik and Lucien & Raiden :) 

Chapter one is coming in early March!



So I played Errant Kingdom for the first time yesterday and today. 

I think it's actually interesting to be honest, the undisguised (or at least poorly hidden) caution towards the Ambassador as opposed to the Knight and Nomad.  It's only the prologue of course so I could be wrong, but I think I'm getting a clear view on who would like revolution and chaos, change, for the kingdom, and who wants better for the people; and the people who kind of just watch from the sidelines, perpetually amused, waiting for the dust to settle. 

This game definitely has potential for lots of replayability. I went for the safe route, advocating for people to get along but the idea of spreading anarchy and being generally evil, could also be an interesting thing, too. 

10/10 would recommend. 


Thank you for playing! The three routes are all very different to begin with when it comes to where their loyalties lie, but the potential for you to change that and craft their path is something we're really excited to play with x

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