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I've played through all the routes (a few times haha) and I absolutely adore it so far! I’m very interested to see how the story will unravel and I love the variety of choices we can make, and I think it’s really cool that all the routes run parallel to each other and occasionally intertwine. The artwork on the backgrounds, sprites, and CGs is absolutely stunning, and the writing is charming as always. The characters are compelling and honestly delightful, I’ve already started to fall for some of them haha. But I cannot wait for the next chapters and thank you guys so much for your hard work on this <3 

I appreciate the save slots having the names/roles of the saves, as someone who creates far too many saves to get every last piece of content lol, and I’m also excited to see the new program in action as compared to Renpy.  

Sending love to you all! 


Thank you so much! We're so excited to be able to use the dynamic backgrounds (and more to come!) to further enhance the storytelling. We're so glad you enjoyed x


Why are you unable to save during choices? We were able to do this with wtnc. There's also no way to skip dialogue so if you want to choose a different option you have to go back to your closest save and click all the way through until you get back to the choices of what to say/ do. I'm not sure why devs didn't stick with wtnc layout/ play contols. If it's not broke don't fix it. Or in this case if it's not broke please don't make it much worse :(


This is something we're looking to fix ASAP, we promise! We've built this VN system basically from scratch now we're using Unity so have a few kinks to work out but if you don't mind bearing with us we will have all the typical VN settings/systems in place so you can enjoy it the way you're used to x


Are there plans in future releases to allow a "rewind" feature, like by using the page up button in WTNC? I sometimes click too fast and don't get to finish reading a screen, or I get distracted and lose the plot, and want to review what I just read before making a choice. 


We are working on the story log so that you can review the text you've passed! This will hopefully be available either in an update before chapter one, or in chapter one :) 

Thanks so much!!! It's a lovely game so far, and I'm excited to see how the story develops :) You all have done great work, as always!

Thank you!! x

Im having trouble figuring out have to make multiple save slots could you explain how?

All saves are labelled with the name and role of your character e.g John Nomad, so you simply just press 'create a new save' any time you want to save! 

Can we make single purchases for the prologue etc.?


Buying and paying for the prologue will be the only purchase you'll ever need to make! The rest of the chapters will be free downloads :) 


I was just wondering if the game is still coming out this month, or if it'll be next month! I saw there was an update w/ a countdown on kickstarter, but it was for backers only. I tried to look for this info elsewhere, but sorry if I missed it! Thanks for being a great dev team- I'm looking forward to buying:) especially after you guys were so incredibly consistent with WTNC's updates


Hi! Sorry for the late reply. It will be coming out this week. We unfortunately had a few unforeseen delays and some issues with our Steam release and as this was a Kickstarter project we wanted to be fair to our backers and release both itch and Steam at the same time! 

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Is 20$ the final price or will it increase after the game is finished?


The final price! We will never increase the cost. It will be $20 one-off cost for all three routes, all romances etc. 

I bought the game. I cant wait!

Thank you so much! 


I'm super hyped up and now I see there's also an asexual character and a demisexual character and it makes me so happy. As an asexual myself, there's barely any representation out there, and this is my first time seeing a visual novel with an ace character in it. Thank you, Lunaris games, for being amazing and exceeding my expectations all the time!~ 


I am so excited for this series. Loved WTNC and this one looks like it'll be just as awesome! I purchased through the kickstarter.

Thank you!


Hi ! I already loved When the night comes and now I'm ready for more ! But what I wanted to know is, if we don't pre-order now then will we have to pay for each chapter individually or anything ? Will it be the same price as before ? I don't know how it works sorry !


The devs have stated it will be a one off payment of $20 and all future updates are included.


Hello! I was wondering if we pre-order here on will we get a Steam key as well when it is released on Steam?

I'm really looking forward to this game the characters and setting look and sound so vibrant and beautiful! Since I loved WTNC so much I have no doubts that this will be an even more wonderful experience. <3

Awesome artwork, looks like a webcomic series

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ME: *amped up to rebel*

Also me: Has no idea why I'm rebelling

: Doesn't know what the politics are 
: Literally hasn't read the summary or anything
: Just wants to rebel cause 'Feel it Still' by Portugal. The Man is a straight up vibe


hey so I played the mini demo and just wanted to say the intro text moves by quite fast, I never have time to finish reading all of it? maybe I'm just slow idk lol and the first three love interests seem very short are we like 6 foot?


please bear in mind that this was a very quickly created demo so we could show the game at PAX West this past September as stated on the page. This doesn’t truly show even a portion of what the final product will look like. There will be many changes and edits, including to the things you mentioned. 

I'm sorry if someone has asked this question all ready but will this be on steam?


It will! You can wishlist it here;

thank you!!!

Excellent! This game looks amazing. I'm adding this to my wishlist as well.

This is super exciting~

Naturally, I'll be pre-ordering this game tbh. I feel terrible because I actually had money to buy it yesterday but paid for Witcher instead. dfjksldjfldjf >.< Oh god, I'm in pain.  Next paycheck for sure though <3

I've been waiting for this game, now I finally was able to download it and it looks great! But I can only pick the role of the knight, is this bc it's the demo version?

Yes @aidandarcy1189 for right now in the demo the only role we can pick is the knight.

Love the demo! Lucien is already my favorite.  The text is a little hard to read sometimes, but other than that the game is gorgeous.

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The demo was incredible, beautiful soundtrack, art, and the writing is superb... I love the bits of animated affects too. The game looks to be very promising and I wish the team the best of luck on this project.


pretty cool game excited for the final product but after i finish the demo it didn't have a place for me to exit so i pressed every button on me keyboard but nothing. so i had to restart me computer... but i know its not like a official  demo (right?)so its understandable.


this game existing is so sexy thanks game devs love you 


Honestly I already love WTNC with every fiber of my being I am 100% sure I will love this too. I'm always hesistant to back kickstarters but not this one, I'm glad so many stretch goals were met. I super look forward to getting to know these new characters <3 <3 <3


I'm so excited for the full game's release! I was a bit stumped on how to exit the game once I finished the demo since there was no exit button, figured it out after pressing random keyboard keys and pressed the windows button. I already love the three characters introduced and I will protect them with my life (or at least try to)

Hey I had an issue downloading the mac demo it wouldnt let me open it at all, no worries though I understand with demos things can mess up. Cant wait until the full release!

Lovely! I have backed on kickstarter and look forward to seeing the game progress. :) 

Hello! I seem to have a different problem than everyone else.
When I try to open the game (both standalone and app version), I get this error message:

Switching to resolution 1600x900 failed, trying lower one
Switching to resolution 1600x900 failed, trying lower one
All resolution switches have failed
Screen: DX11 could not switch resolution (1600x900 fs=1 hz=0)

Hi! This looks like it has something to do with the version of Direct X that you have installed. We are going to upload an updated demo this weekend with a windowed mode which may help fix this issue for you if the Direct X isn't the problem. 

Loved the demo, tho i gotta admit i really want to geek the raiden

Hi, I have a problem! Every time I try launching the demo it says that it's not compatible with my windows version, I downloaded the itchio app but it still said the same thing! (This version of %1 is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running. Check your computer's system information and then contact the software publisher.) I REALLY want to play it! I have windows 10 - 32bit.

Hi! We just uploaded a 32bit version. I hope it works for you! Please let us know if not! 

Thank you SO MUCH! you guys are the best! it worked ^_^


need some nsfw content T^T


There will be in the full game! 

very light like the previous game or ;) ?


I really wanna back up the kickstarter but gosh darn conversion rates tho, whelp gotta save


Well, you took my money. Gimme Raiden. xD


He's yours ;)


I knew I was gonna love Raiden.  He's so cheeky and just my type. Fingers crossed the kickstarter is a success and this game gets fully funded because I'm eager to play it. 

Thank you for playing! 

I really loved the demo! And the game itself seems very intriguing. One complaint I have is  that the character sprites and the text is too small against the background , I found myself squint at the screen a few times. Aside from that everything looks great :)

Thank you for your feedback! We'll look to improve this :) 

Loved the demo!  It's beautiful as always, and I love Raiden already (them sassy characters amirite).   One thing I did notice though is that some of the wording in the very beginning was confusing, like 'heaven and hell suppose two distinct species of man', and the bit about 'in the country of _ is the kingdom of _' (aren't countries and kingdoms the same thing? is this like an individual province in an empire or something?  though maybe that would be cleared up with more of the story lol).  There were a couple times I was confused by wording in the interactive part too.  It's nothing big, but if you had any plans to do any last minute edits it might be something to consider. :) Anyhoo, I'm super excited to see what kind of awesome twisty plot you guys come up with for this one, and to get to know the characters and explore the MC roles! 


Thank you so much for playing (and good taste with Raiden)! 

Really sorry if you didn’t quite understand certain things, if there are any specific sentences you feel are off please feel free to report them to us, we’re always on the lookout for mistakes. We’re really proud of our writing style (and specifically adore that David Hume quote, which we think fits the tone of the game perfectly!) 

‘ Countries’ are defined as an area of land (district, region) while a ‘Kingdom’ is a nation that has a supreme ruler a king and/or queen x 

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The demo was quite intriguing, thanks for your work :) Despite that, I have one suggestion. 

The prologue with big description of the situation and stuff was too fast. I'm not native speaker, so I barely had time to read it. Can you, please, give to players an ability to scroll it independently in the future (I mean, in full game or bigger demo)? Thank you :) 

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I agree--I am a native english speaker and still didn't finish some of the slides (especially with the flowery language...I love it but it does slow my reading time), so I think slowing them down or letting us click through would be great!


We agree on the intro slides, and we’ll be adding a ‘click to proceed’ option very soon! We’ll also be adding another CG to the demo as well as some other things, hopefully next week. We pulled this one together for PAX West so now we have some time :) 

Thank you so much for playing! 


omg lucien is beautiful

We agree 👀✨


I keep forgetting the MC doesnt have a picture

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it's sad, I thought the blonde lady was the mc


We love having a faceless protagonist as we could never represent the wide and diverse range of people that play our games! 💕


So I am having an incredibly hard time even playing the demo:

1) Is there any "settings" menu to adjust the BGM?

2) What are the basic controls (scroll, log, skip, save etc)-I think this might be a matter of me just being so used to playing VNs built in renpy that I'm not sure how to go about doing it in unity.

3) Is there a way to change the font?  I get it from an aesthetics point of view, but I find it hard to read (particularly for long periods of time)


The demo is very bare bones and is a small example of what the full version will be. There are no save or load functions due to it being only ten minutes long, and unfortunately we don’t offer font changes sorry! 

OK, thanks for the clarification, I appreciate it (although I would like to beg for an instructions page on the full release, otherwise I think I'll just get myself stuck in an endless time loop of resetting to the beginning of the game accidentally...)

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