Prologue Bugs!

Hi everyone! We hope you're enjoying the prologue so far!

To keep you in the loop; we are aware of a few minor (and obscure) bugs that evaded us during testing, which was absolutely expected, and we just wanted to list them here so that if you come across them you know we're already aware. If you find anything that isn't on this list, please feel free to let us know! 

-  Switching between different role saves in-route/in-game can result in sprites from different scenes becoming layered over one another. We've had one or two reports of Livia making an appearance where she's not supposed to be (keeping her Harbinger of Death nickname alive whilst ominously hovering). A current temporary fix if this happens to you is to restart your game and restart the affected route via 'New Game' from the main menu. Another casualty of this bug is the MC's name not appearing in dialogue in rare instance. These two issues stem from the same problem and we've identified it and are fixing it as we speak

- Volume & text sliders seem to be glitching/not working for some. For now, we recommend not changing these two settings until we issue the fix. It won't break your game at all, but the text will type out at an annoyingly fast speed. If you DO encounter this simply exit the game and it will be back to default when you restart

- Some people are encountering an infinite loading screen when pressing the 'main menu' button that appears to end the route at the 'end of prologue' slide. The game WILL auto-save at this point so you're safe to exit and restart the application if this happens to you 

And that's it; nothing game-breaking that will stop you from enjoying the routes (phew). Jude is working on fixes for these we'll update the build ASAP so you can download the fixed version. We'll be sure to let you know when this happens. 

If you encounter any other issues that aren't listed above please email us on

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