Chapter One Is Here!

Chapter One is here! 

It’s time to figure out who your friends are. Are you ready to use that Vih’thrian charm?

As well as our new dialogue indicators (which you can learn about in options) we now have our Codex! Unlock entries as you play each route and find them in our ‘Extras’ board in the main menu!
🗡UPDATE 04/13 - NOTES (we'll keep these updated so please check before reporting a bug!)

We have a few minor known issues that are present in the release of Chapter One but that are by no means 'game-breaking'. Please only email us with issues that are not listed below on and we'll get back to you ASAP!  

BUG: Narrative/Story Log will sometimes show as blank; This is a known Unity bug where scrolling is not working for some users. We have raised a ticket with Unity for assistance and will fix as soon as we know how. 

BUG: 'Cursed text' is showing on the save/load screen for some users. This is something we've had to log with Unity and are awaiting a response as we've tried multiple fixes to no avail. If you experience this issue please close and restart your game. 

In-Development: We're still working on implementing saving during menus/choices so please bear with us on that! We'll have it ready as soon as we're happy with it. 


Errant Kingdom Chapters 0-1 (64bit) 392 MB
Mar 14, 2020
Errant Kingdom Chapters 0-1 (32bit) 390 MB
Mar 14, 2020
Errant Kingdom Chapters 0-1 (Mac) 393 MB
Mar 14, 2020
Errant Kingdom Chapters 0-1 (Linux) 395 MB
Mar 14, 2020

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Hi, I love the game! 

I'm sorry to bug you with it, but at the end of Chapter 1 when I saved it the character's name changed from Ambassador X to Knight X. I tried to reload to see what it does, but all it gives me is a starry screen with the word "menu" centered on it. Does this mean my save is damaged?


I have a terribly dumb question.... If we purchased the game through Kickstarter, how should we go about accessing and updating the files for chapter one?

If you've already downloaded the Prologue you should get a 'You own this Visual Novel' banner at the top of the game page! Just click 'Download' and downlad the relevant file :)



Thank you so much! Excited to devour this!