Patch 06/06/2020

We've spent the last few days patching the game and fixing all of the little errors/bugs that were reported to us and the updates are now live. However, we need you to do something very important for us to ensure that your saves carry over and work if you're not using the app which we HIGHLY recommend you use. 

Not only does the app ensure downloads take up less space on your system AND installs them much, much faster, as well as avoiding the Apple security walls for Mac users and ensuring a simple install, but it will only download the changes we've made to the game, including keeping your saves intact without you having to do the following. 


- Navigate to your existing Errant Kingdom folder to 'ErrantKingdom_data > Naninoveldata' and copy your 'Saves' folder  

- Once you've downloaded the new version/the update, you will then need to navigate to this folder, paste your 'Saves' folder  and, when prompted, select 'yes' to replace/overwrite the files

 This will ensure anyone downloading the game manually has their existing saves intact! Unfortunately this is something that manual downloaders will have to do going forward with each update due to how our extensions saves are set-up. 

As always, if you need to get in touch to report any issues please email us on


Errant Kingdom (64bit) 760 MB
Jun 06, 2020
Errant Kingdom (Mac) 760 MB
Jun 06, 2020
Errant Kingdom (32bit) 757 MB
Jun 06, 2020
Errant Kingdom (Linux) 762 MB
Jun 06, 2020

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As a Mac user, I've noticed that when I pull up the log, the close button doesn't work, so I have to completely shut down the game.

Hi! I'm not sure what's wrong with my game, but on this build (and the one released with episode 1 which I commented on but never received a reply) it seems that the game doesn't save properly. It also doesn't register that I've played through already so I'm unable to skip to more quickly get back to where I was when I had saved. Is there a way I can at least work around the non-skip so I can enjoy the game without having to repeatedly click through?

Hi!  Total newbie with this stuff--I was previously doing manual downloads, but if I download the Itch app now does my manual download gameplay somehow save over there?  Or would I need to start a new game through the app/or do the manual save file transfers to keep playing with my original game?  Thanks for your help!

Hi! I was wondering if we can get the patch notes?  Thanks! 


Hi! I reported this issue in a previous devlog but it seems my comment and the reply to it was deleted.

Since the last update with Midnight Run added, I can't exit Midnight Run. I am playing on a Mac in full screen mode. Once I lose Midnight Run, the "Return" button just takes me to starting Midnight Run over again. Additionally, when I scroll to the top of the window, the exit, minimize, etc buttons don't appear. I just have to force shut down my computer to get out.

Hi Alissa! We deleted the whole devlog as the information was out of date. We've had a few Mac users report this issue and it's due to the nature of the retina display used in Mac computers, however we've also been told that playing in full screen non-windowed (as we recommend) fixes this issue. If this isn't the case for you I apologize and we will be looking into solutions for this. 

One thing I can recommend is to be mindful of when the 'return' button is hovered e.g the whole screen and the button will lighten when it is being correctly targeted, and sometimes with retina display on Mac this can be slightly off e.g it may be a case of just moving your mouse slightly to capture the button area. 

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Hi! Thank you for the quick response!

I am playing full screen non-windowed mode, and have this issue. I have to click away of every button in the game to actually click the button (for example with saving I have to hover away from save for save to highlight), even in full screen non-windowed mode. But I haven't been able to get out of Midnight Run. I will try to look out for the screen lightening but I have tried clicking many areas on the screen.

Thank you for all your hard work!! The art and story are very beautiful and I love the characters.