Chapter Three Is Here! (Patched 08/05)


Chapter Three is here! There'll be no rest for the wicked, especially not when you keep sticking your nose where it doesn't belong...


We've fully re-edited all previous chapters from the prologue to chapter two to fix spelling, coding, and punctuation issues. 

KNOWN CHAPTER THREE ISSUES (Patch issued and list updated on 08/05)

We will keep this post updated with any known issues that get reported to us for chapter three!  If you find any issues not on this list please kindly email


  • Raiden shirtless sprite shows necklace sometimes, other times no necklace present 

All Routes

  • The game will sometimes freeze on the 'end of chapter' scene instead of kicking to the menu, a forced-exit is required 


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Aug 04, 2020

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Hey there! 

First off, I'm so excited to play this game! I loved WTNC and was excited to see you had something else in the works...and another thing after this one! All around so ecstatic :)

I'm not sure if this is where I need to put this, but I seem to be having issues closing out of the log after I've opened it; the close button doesn't work for me and I can't use the escape key or h key (which sometimes I've noticed can be used). I'm playing on a mac. If you have any idea on what I could do to fix that, I would greatly appreciate that! 

Keep up the amazing work!

Hi! We are aware of this issue and are looking at fixes, hopefully this will be sorted with our next update that comes out this week. Same with some issues people have had with the codex! These issues seem to be specific to mac users with retina display unfortunately. 

Thank you for responding! I realized after I sent this that I can scroll back the text and felt kinda dumb haha. On a sidenote: I finished as far as I could with two routes and it is fantastic so far! I'm so looking forward to the next release <3

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i just finished chapter 3 and i love it so far <3 i have a few enby-inclusive things to mention:
- Erik talks about his finest knights as "men and women" - people would be more inclusive
- at some point someone says "ladies and gentlemen" - "esteemed guests" would be more inclusive

sth else i noticed:
- whenever we get the pleasure to see a fullscreen character art, i want to see it without the text box so i press space - which makes the art go away, not the text box

thank you <3

Is there an issue updating Chapter 3 on  Steam? We're still on Chapter 2 with no downloads waiting. 

We haven't had anyone else with this issue and people have downloaded it just fine? Can you possibly get in touch with Steam as it could very well be a problem on their end sorry! I just personally checked and it's fine for me too. 

I have the same issue. Steam is on Chapter 2 of Errant Kingdom. 

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I downloaded the new chapter but it seems my previous files are missing and were not transferred to the new version- is this something normal with Unity or a problem? And is there a way to fix this, or will I have to restart the game? 

edit: The way I installed the new chapter was downloading the whole game again, which always works with Renpy based games... but in this case it seems to be a brand new game, with no saves. Am I doing it wrong?


There are clear download instructions on the download page that you need to follow to install correctly and retain your saves. 

thank you!

the game manager makes it easier to update so you don't have to worry about losing saves (=w=)b


I haven't been able to access chapter 3 yet. At the end of chapter 2, it just gives the "to be continued" message, and then gets stuck. I've tried re-installing the game, and starting a new playthrough instead of using a save, but nothing helps.

The same thing happened for me back when chapter 2 was released, but starting a new game fixed it that time.

We haven’t had any other reports of this happening, can I ask how you’re installing? 

(1 edit)

Just using the desktop app.

My next plan is to manually delete all game files and saves, and then try re-installing it again.

Make sure you don’t have the version that has (0-2) at the end of the file name. We patched this one out with our last update as there were issues with saves. 

A clean install fixed things.


Just in case this is problem others are having or if there's a solution, all of my saves before the latest update are...corrupted or something? If it's a save after chapter 3 it just reverts to the "chapter 3" page, even just coming up in the background (acting as the sky in whatever scene I'm on) and I can't advance. If it's chapter 1 or 2 it either eventually crashes the game or it advances until the "end of chapter 2" screen which doesn't fully load and then the game crashes. Maybe I'll just have to restart all routes again from the beginning, trying different things (like resaving) and it just seems to be locked on the screen with the small "loading" in the bottom right corner. 

Absolutely love the game though and can't wait for chapter 4!

Some old saves might be a little corrupted as we had to fix a few things in chapter two so you may need to replay! We are looking into this issue though just to be sure it doesn't happen again when Ch4 releases


I love asexual choices so much <3. As ace I really appreciate that we got several points when we can decide if go further, so everyone can enjoy steamy scene as long as they find it enjoyable. It is really something I see first time, that i do not have 'all or nothing' kind of choice, but I can end scene whenever I want. I was so excited with this resolution that I shared my excitation on my ace group :). They think it is great too:). As ace who like some kind of sexual action in fiction I felt validated :). Every ace (and allos too, some allos also avoid sexual content for some reasons) is different and it is so cool that you made something that nearly everyone can feel comfortable with <3


This makes us so happy! Some of our devs are ace so it's very important to us <3


hi there fellow ace~ yes, these choices are amazing, make me feel so comfortable! It's the same with their other VN, When The Night Comes. I love it so much! (although I don't mind all or nothing choices) It's just so amazing to see some representation  


Nice cliffhanger you got there...

Is there an issue with old saves? I tried to use some old saves (chapter 1 and pre-patch chapter 2 saves) and a couple times when I was skipping the text window disappeared and I couldn't advance anymore and had to reload, overwrite the old save and reload again to stop it happening.

Some old saves may have been affected by any editing we’ve done to correct spelling, punctuation and broken menu choices. Sorry about that! 


Hey! Brilliant chapter and I really enjoyed it! A few things I noticed during playthrough: 

In the settings screens the sliders are out of whack, I'm clicking the slider above, to adjust the one below. 


Fae pond place, Raiden will suddenly have a necklace and a highlighted cut. 

In the room later Raiden's sprite is a large white box. 


After seeing Raiden and Lucian, the Ambassador bumps into Maja, who doesn't have a sprite. 

Freezes on CG of Roux at the field. 

Look forward to the next chapter!