Chapter Ten Release Delay

Unfortunately due to bad weather Kris’ internet is completely down and they’re unable to upload the build to this evening.

We’re so, so sorry for the inconvenience, especially because we know you’ve all waited so long and have been incredibly patient while we delayed the update as Lunaris Games had an incredibly busy (amazing) couple of months. We were so excited to share the end with you tonight, but it’s just not meant to be.

It’s currently 3am in the UK and going to steal a friends internet at this hour is unfortunately just not plausible. Having access to the internet to fix and upload any issues that might arise is also very important to us, and this is not something we’re willing to do by halves.

So, Chapter Ten WILL be coming tomorrow, Sunday 20th October, one way or another. We love you, and we cannot apologize enough x

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You can't prepare for everything. There was no way to predict that the internet wouldn't work. Besides, like Cis said, the delay is only a day and we appreciate your haste to notify us of the issue!


Had to chuckle about this. Major companies just postpone their releases for months, Lunaris Games apologizes for a DAY! Thank you for the update and of course for your hard work!


It is so nice that you keep us in the loop! We're so thankful for people like all of you at Lunaris Games. I'm certain that tomorrow we will all have more compliments to share!


Omg! Don't worry!  I can wait more for the amazing ending you have in store for us! Thank you for keeping us in touch with everything!