Chapter Ten | The Quiet


The dust has settled and the Right Red Hand is in his cage, but what comes next? The beautiful after is in sight, now savor it, and take a breath. 

This is no longer a love story. This is not a happy ending. The traitor will get what they deserve. Was it all worth it?

*please be aware that there are no CGs in the pledge ending


When The Night Comes Chapters One - Ten (Version 10.0) 369 MB
Oct 20, 2019
When The Night Comes Chapters One - Ten (Version 10.0) 368 MB
Oct 20, 2019

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Hello! I got this game a while back and now when I want to play it again, it won't let me run chapters 8-10. An error pops up. Do I have to repurchase the game?

The game has been $5 since January so if you downloaded it before this then yes you will need to purchase! Thanks

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This was wonderful, but i'm somewhat annoyed that the epilogue descriptions moved on their own and I couldn't seem to get them to go back, nor is what they said in the History... so I have no idea what the first two screens said, due to my trying to get it to go back... Other than that, what a wonderful ending to a wonderful game! Definitely looking forward to the re-release!

Edit: I skipped from my last save until I was able to read them, it's all good.

I'm going to miss this visual novel so much! Definitely has a lot of replay value on it! I'm excited to see the mini-stories that will come out, and I absolutely have to replay it. I don't remember certain parts of the story due to life and random events happening, so I plan to replay it soon!

I don't know if to cry or smile. Maybe both. On one hand, I... I really don't want this story to end, I want to indulge in the amazing world of WTNC just a bit longer... But on the other, it's a good ending that I'm getting. I'll be able to see Omen be happy, which is what I've wanted since the start.

I'll play it. I will. Thank you for making such an amazing game. Thank you for introducing me to a new world, and a beautiful one. Thank you for this experience. 

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This might be a dumb question, but what is the Pledge Route?


the Pledge Route is the "bad ending" route and u can unlock it by joining Harry's cause (and betraying the other characters by taking the vial)

Ah I see! Thank you! I had a feeling that was it but wasn't quite sure!

What kind of mini stories will be released in 2020?


This is so bitter sweet. On one hand, I'm so happy to see how this game ends and finally be able to say I played through all of it. On the other hand, I'm so sad that it's over. Every month I'd count down the days until the next chapters release and it feels so weird to know I'll no longer be doing that. Now to wait for EK and to sob and ramble about that to all my friends until they want to kill me!

Thank you for making this amazing game!!


same :(


Yeah, Ch. 10 is out, the full game is fianlly out, which both makes me sad and happy.  SInce while I love that this game is complete (bar any updates and fixes in the future), since I really like this game its also sad to see it come to an end.  Welp, at least I got Errant Kingdom to look forward to, its looking awesome by the way.  Kinda sad there is no CGs for the pledge ending, I always love CGs, and I would have loved to see CGs for the darker (and probably bloodier) and not really happy, but more sad or at least tragic ending(s) of The Pledge ending.  Still gonna love this chapter anyways, Im finally gonna really start playing this game, and all its routes now that its "completely" out, I have got a lot of playtime and choices on my hands.  

Hope this gets a steam release now thats its fully out like Errant Kingdom, maybe with some steam aichecevements and maybe even steam trading cards.  Anwyas, congrats for finishing When the Night Comes, I love this choice heavy, lovely, and pretty VN, I esp. love the options of having BL, GL, poly, otome, etc., and even an option for no romcnace which is really rare, and hope carries over to Errant Kingdom.  Excited for Errant Kingdom and to start playing it when it starts coming out.

We will DEFINITELY be adding CGs to the Pledge route at some point in the future, we just unfortunately went down to just one CG artist right before production of Chapter Ten begun, so we had to make sure her fingers didn't fall off where she was already having to draw 8 CGs all by herself. 

We're also really excited for Errant Kingdom, we hope you enjoy! 

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Yay, very happy that the Pledge route will be getting CGs sometime in the future, even more replay value for a great VN with already tons of replay value.  Completely understand that u didnt want to hurt the one CG artist u had left, so u couldnt get those CGs done for the launch of Ch. 10.  I can wait however long that need be for The Pledge route to get CGs, Im sure they will be really pretty and proabaly dark, take ur time.  

Yeah, Im getting more and more excited for Errant Kingdom, the story is looking to be interesting, the guys and gals for each route look awesome, its hard to pick a fav., and I really like all the classes/ jobs to choose from and how customizable you are in it, like WTNC, looking forward to its lauch on steam and, when it starts to release in December will be a chapter thing again like WTNC, or something else?  

Man, its not too far off, its in December, its cool we got Ch. 10 in Oct.., and the end of WTNC and the start of Errant Kindom in December, only about 2 months later, so much VN goodness sfrom u guys.  Hope WTNC gets a full release on steam, once u edit the game togeothor to make in not episodic anymore.

I found a bug, maybe, its something minor but during lunaris festival, when i choose ezra to scolt me and he is talking about his father, when i choose the "flirt" option, there appears to be a sprite but in his place is this placeholder of eileen from rempy tutorial lol with the name ezrafive or smthg lol

btw amazing game!!! cant wait to see the end, had to replay from the start because my computer died lol but i don't mind, i will replay this until there isn't any option left unchoosen!

We're just uploading a fix for some missing sprites and the corrupted flirt issue! Thanks for playing