Chapter Five Update & Important Install Notes!

Chapter Five | Faded Light

Descend into the dungeons, listen to their secrets, and hope that the comfort of your loved ones can protect you from that which you thought you knew…

Bonus: Poly routes now unlockable!

CAUTION : you will need to load your game from the 'Romance Selection' screen towards the end of Chapter Four, NOT the 'End of Chapter Four' save! This is due to a coding issue - we apologize for the inconvenience. 


WTNC Game Chapters One - Five (Version 5.0) 253 MB
Mar 30, 2019
WTNC Game Chapters One - Five (Version 5.0) 252 MB
Mar 30, 2019

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Many thanks for cuteness overload. That's all I'm saying)

Ohh, the characters look so lovely, no idea how it dropped under my otoge seeking radar! I'm gonna try it. I was wondering, how many chapters do you plan to release in total?


Hey I just found this game recently, and oh my god my little  bi heart is singing!~~  I love it sooooo much. Great work, and I will definitely be throwing some money at you when I can <3


Are the only CGs in this chapter for the poly routes/inventory?  (I'm not trying to complain or anything if they are, I just want to make sure I'm not doing somethign wrong somehow...)


Each Chapter is so amazing) I love your work absolutely! Thank you so much.

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This was so good! I did realise I will never be able to play the solo routes, since the poly couples are adorable together, and I'd feel awful about getting in the way of that. Of course, "oh no, the game has amazing character moments - stop killing me with cute!" is kind of the exact opposite of a problem.

Thanks! This chapter was AWESOME! It's getting so intense aah! I'm so excited for the next one now!


Thank you, so excited!

Thank you