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Heavy is the hand that gives and takes. 

It’s time to strike the match or snuff it out… 


WTNC Game Chapters One - Eight (Version 8.0) 338 MB
Jun 30, 2019
WTNC Game Chapters One - Eight (Version 8.0) 337 MB
Jun 30, 2019

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I don't know if this should go here or the main page, or if it's been addressed already, but I've run into a skipping issue.

I played 1-8 with Alkar, and now I want to do the same with Alkar and Omen together. Once I went back and accepted the throuple, all the text I've seen before in the first play through from other characters was rendered un-skippable, causing me to have to click through speech, line by line. Can you fix that in the future?

I know I have the option to skip in this case "unseen" text, but I've also changed a few other choices, and don't want to miss how they affect the story beyond the adding of a partner.

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I get Azazel turned as an attempt to go further, but I'm not sure I understand what the initial "curse" of the Hunters was. They get powers. What's the downside? 

I'm also wondering if my theory that they called the Hunter to investigate is to turn them, too.

Anyway, I just started this a few days ago and am now caught up. Great so far. Hope we get an option for immortality at the end, vampirism or something else. The idea of dying of old age and having Finn and Omen live on is sad. 

OH MY LORD my heart aches but  I am happy and impatient for chapter 9. I need more of my little Omen ):


Augustus! Augustus! Yay!


So excited for more Alkar!!!!