Chapter Nine is here!

On a gathering storm comes a tall handsome man, in a dusty black coat with
a red right hand…  


WTNC Game Chapters One - Nine (Version 9.0) 352 MB
Aug 10, 2019
WTNC Game Chapters One - Nine (Version 9.0) 351 MB
Aug 10, 2019

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Im so proud of this game it came such a long way! I just have one question. Do I have to pay for each chapter or is it for the full game? because I have the free old version

There was just one unlockable image in this chapter, right? Not complaining, I swear, just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything.

is it just me or has chapter 9 not loaded in for me yet? please help I love these episodes XD!!


Is it possible I downloaded this incorrectly? The beginning of chapter nine is exactly the same as the end of chapter eight. This is the first time I've downloaded a new chapter, so I could very well have done something wrong, or is the beginning of every chapter the same as the ending of the last?

Either way, nice chapter, and I look forward to the next.

I haven't downloaded a new chapter yet and im not sure how to , pls help haha x

They updated the file. Just download it again, then use that instead of the old one, which you can delete.

Ahh Tysm x 

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I've been waiting for so long, always checking in daily to see if a new chapter was uploaded, I can't wait to go and play OMG!

edit: ok shit I just finished the episode. I needed this fuzzy warm time with Omen, so thank you. Damn, It felt so... short. But so good and intense. Oh my god. Amazing. AAAAAh. 


A new chapter AND a Nick Cave reference?! Now you're really spoiling me! x0x0

Omg I didn't even notice

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It's one of my favourite songs of his. I saw him live recently in the UK and he was amazing! 

So who is your favourite in WTNC? (I know, I know, but if you had to pick!? Top two if you like :P)

I have one absolute favorite and it's Omen! I just love him so much. Who's yours? 


Omen is such a lovely creature,  the part where you're thinking and talking about how he'll live a long time after you're gone was so bittersweet it got me emotional! Also, talk about a sweet guy with a dark side!

At first I was all about Alkar but as time has gone I'm really attached to Finn too. Yes I know being stuck between a werewolf and a vampire is so typical but I've never even seen a Twilight film so whatever! x

Lmao I’m with Finn ,the twilight vibes sucked me in 😂🤦‍♀️

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Aaaaaaugh, what a beautifully done chapter! This really is such an amazing story. Thank you so much for your hard work. Now time to wait with bated breath for more! XD

EDIT: Ran into an error while playing through all the different routes. This happened in the No Romance, Liar Liar route, while heading into the Wolf after the discussion with Harry. The error code is here. Attempting to reload or rollback didn't fix the issue. Hope this helps!

EDIT2: Got the same error, in the same spot (while entering the tavern) with the No Romance, To Condemn A Man route.

EDIT3: Just need to add here that. The sheer amount of impact that your choices have, and the intensity of the emotions through this chapter, are absolutely, positively beautiful and amazing. Like, I can't put into words how amazing it is, seriously. <3


Yay, another chapter! Cannot wait to read it.


Oh my SHIT this is gonna be AWESOME! Thanks for the hard work, devs! <3