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will there be another chapter?


Yes the final Chapter is coming out on October 19th

Absolutely amazing. 

Fantastic artwork, fantastic writing and I just adore ALL the characters. Keep up the great work guys.

This game really got me crying in the club all in my feels... 




I fecking love it. I love everything about it. The storyline, the art, the writing and the ROs. 

It's easily up in my top 10s. dare i say, on par with cinderella phenomenon.

I love the twist, I love everything. I ALSO LOVE AUGUST SO MUCHHHH and Alkar and Omen and Ezra and Finnegan and Piper. I love everyone, they all have their emotional depth, their insecurities, their troubles and it's just so great.

Waiting for episode 10! I will fund the kickstarter when I pass my entrance exams because it's giving me motivation to actually do something lolz.

Wishing you guys all the luck and everything good. Thanks for making such a great game!

So I posted this in ratings but I'm gonna post it here too, cause good god, it's the best. 

Okay okay okay, I have played my fair share of otome games at this point in my life, but very few have been able to completely slay my adult girlish heart. WTNC is seriously in my top five favorites, and I started playing it TODAY. (And for the record, I hope my language doesn't offend anyone in this post, I'm an expressive person)

First of all, wonderfully compelling storyline. I fucking LOVED how enthralling the story was - something a few otome games I've come across completely lacked - but this story really got me, it was exciting from beginning to end. Even though I've only gone through Alkar's storyline so far, I can't wait to go back & do his storyline again, along with all of the other available routes. Generally I'm a 'one & done character' for awhile, but I am SO DAMN HYPED to try all of the routes.

Second of all, JESUS CHRIST THE MF'ING ART. I wish you could hear how loudly I am clapping in this standing ovation for the art alone in this game. Seriously, I am so impressed by the character designs, the setting designs, ALL. OF. IT. The color choices, the line work, the fluidity of it all. Okay so I love art, it's a huge part of my personal life, and this art is extremely impressive in an otome game, and in general. I have an enormous amount of respect for digital art & the time it takes to build everything up. Seriously, I cannot express ENOUGH how taken aback by the beautiful aesthetic ins and outs in this game. 

Thirdly, I wish I could hug all of you who developed and help develop this game. I just recently found out about itch & the games available through its platform, but I am so happy and impressed by the amount of otome games I've come across. But WTNC is by far my favorite. Round of applause again to you all, thank you very much for creating such a beautiful and badass game. (Cheers to my first long rating ever, too, hahah.)

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"You're like a madness, something I could succumb to."

 (yes this implies in this short time I've already started on a different character, BECAUSE IT'S SO GOOD)

Oh my fucking god. Three cheers for VERY impressive writing! When I spoke of how I loved the storyline I should've mentioned the writing that made it up, good god. Wonderfully composed, and christ, not one mistake or one misspelling even to come across. Three cheers for wonderful writing, incredible choice of words, perfect grammar, and good spelling (that can be so neglected in stories, but also so noticed...). You wonderful humans keep on keepin' on. 


Wow this review made our day! Thank you SO MUCH! We're so happy to hear you loved our game. Make sure you check out our upcoming VN which we have a Kickstarter campaign running for right now! x

You're all so super welcome! Praise is definitely, definitely deserved for all of the hard work involved! It is noticed and so appreciated. 

I actually just started the new VN y'all are working on & I'm already very excited and am anticipating it HARD.  Already impressed by the writing and artistic designs in the new one, too!!! 

I will definitely help fund the new kickstarter & I will also be becoming one of your Patreon patrons, which I have never done for any game, ever, but again, I am so absolutely impressed with the work you all do <3 

Lunaris Games has my support forever. 


Oh, I realy love the game, but I will praise it after playing 10th chapter. For now I only try August route and i totally love images, dialogues, characters, plot. I want to tell authors how much I love the all inclusive features there. August looks really masculine, but you wrote their route in way that I never doubt they are enby. I like this point-not every enbie must looks androgynic, you can look like man and be not man, because look is not what make our gender. Im nb myself and I have chosen "they" as my prn in game, and it really works well! In many games even if there is possibility to chose  prn 'they' I still have feelings that my characters is somehow man or woman, the other charactracters' actions toward mine, dialogues, it all gives my that vibes. But not your game! It is first game i can so deeply immerse and thank you for that! Thank you and see you on kickstarter i am very greedy person who loves money but i love your work more :)

Are there any walkthroughs?

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i FUCKING LOVE THIS, the amont of detail put into esch character, really paid off, every chapter is so memorable   (especially chapter 7 and 8 ; )  EACH CHARACTER IS SO adorable i cant pick one, the artsyle is  SO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!!!!  there were alot of face sprites ( although fiero and harry dont seem to have that many, but thats just me nitpicking) that adds to the immersion of the player, speaking of immersion can i just say how good the writing is and overall storyline.


btw are all the cgs out, sorry if this is a stupid question but i cant seem to get some cgs on every route i normaly get 6 or 7, is that normal or do i need to play more? speaking of cgs i REALLY LOVE THEM, this game is not only for free as you are more cgs, better storylone and a wide arrange of choices from gender to story and ,my favorite, the one where you can lead or be lead ;), than some paid games out there. so thank you all of the devs for making this i cant help with money so i hope this can help, also i am hyped for chapter 10.

i would love to know were there inspirations as for the character designs? theres a comment saying there august is inspired by a model, was this the case for many? im jus a little curious.

sidenote: i am already hyped for their new game, especially lucien ;)

I think they release new CGS with every new chapter :) so it's totally normal that you have some blocked at the end of it!! I have 4 missing in my Finn save for example!

ohh i see thank you so much  for clarifying!!!!!!, i too have 4 cgs left on his route, i cant wait for the rest!

Im surprised I haven't seen any dicks yet *ahem* I mean...

Will this game also be for the Android?

Please ignore bad English, it is not my native language.

Love from Romania !!!


How many Chapters will there be in this game?

i think there will be 10 chapters but correct me if im wrong.

So I absolutely adore everything about this game so far. The art is absolutely amazing, the plot caught my interest right off the bat and continues to keep it, and WHEW BOY ya’ll hit all my soft spots as far as character types. Alkar reminds me so much of someone I know in real life that I absolutely adore and it makes me so unbelievably happy. The writing is done incredibly well, some typos but I’ve still been able to understand what’s being said so it’s not a big deal in my opinion. I also LOVE that there are poly routes, so far this is the only romance game I’ve played where polyamory was an option. You guys have done an amazing job so far!!! I will absolutely be supporting you in future endeavors, fantastic work!


I just got through chapter nine of Alkar's route and I had to come sing praises once again for the writers involved in this game. It felt so intense and I can't wait to see how everything ends.

Thank you so much!!


I'll be honest and admit that I've been holding off on downloading this game since I had a feeling that I would quickly get addicted, but finally took the leap... 

...And yep I got addicted. 

This game is so well put together and whilst it's rare that I'll play every route on a visual novel, I totally plan to do so with WTNC. 

I think my favourite of the routes that I've played so far is the Finn and Ezra one. 

Ezra is a total cinnamon roll and Finn is sweet too (and also totally makes me laugh) - the two of them are also adorable together. 

I am stealing myself to read through all of the chapter 9 paths - I swear this game has totally put me through all the feels. 

Oh and I am not sure if it's been mentioned but I think that the 3rd Finn and Ezra cg is bugged as it comes up as the sfw Finn one and then links into his gallery. I also wasn't sure if the Finn and Ezra route cg has a sfw and a nsfw version, but if it does then tge the sfw one is the one that comes up in game both times. 

Totally hoping that this comes to android at some point because if so then I am totally getting it and will also totally keep an eye out for the kickstarter for your next work. 

Loved the new chapter!

I'm stuck at home with a broken arm and I came across this game and now I'm hooked. I was so confused when it ended on such a cliffhanger, until I realized you are still developing the game. Can't wait for chapter ten, you've done an amazing job so far! Any idea approximately when its out?


Ok so I created an account just so I could say this but I LOVE THIS GAME!! WTNC is probably the best otome game I have ever played. The art is absolutely beautiful and the storyline was very intriguing. I have played through every route and I will probably play them all again at least once more! I really liked the fantasy and supernatural elements to the story. Also I must say I definitely paused the game at various scenes just to stare at the lovely artwork. You are a very talented team and I am so excited to see what you create in the future! 

So I'm gunna be honest,played the new chapter and not being able to actually see the battle go down sucked. No cg's of what piper was doing,no cg of the clan it just really made the whole thing not very exciting


We're so sorry to hear you were disappointed with the battle scene! We are a very small team, so sometimes we don't always have the resource or the time to create as many CGs/art as we would like. However, we hope that the artwork in the next update will make up for this! 

Oh but that was only a small part! I enjoyed the rest of the episode pls don't think I hated the whole thing or something

Omg alkar is just . he's my favorite character now. love this game keep it up !!

who would play August in a series ;D


Our inspiration for August is a model called George Culafic!

ooo will check em out :D

so I looked up the model and OMG I see it!!!

Will there be a version to download on the chrome os? And also if you ever need writers I would be interested and willingly to do so with very little compensation.

The Linux version will be uploaded within the hour! 

In chapter 9 the Ezra the character model in game doesn't show up and i have re downloaded on pc and windows , its still not there 

Thank you for letting us know! We'll be re-uploading with this issue fixed within the hour :) 

Is chapter 10 going to be the last? If not, is there currently a planned number?

Yes, chapter 10 is the last.


I have sadness. :'(

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Hey, look on the bright side - they are working on a new game called Errant Kingdom (it's on the Development Log) so you may want to check that out after WTNC is finished. :)

The CG of Finnzra from chapter 8 is locked in the gallery even when I replay the scene. I use the windows version and after re-downloading it is still locked.

Thanks for letting us know, we’ll look into it ASAP! 

Now the CG of Finnzra from Chapter 8 is replaced with Finns CG from the same chapter and after clicking the pic I am suddenly in Finns Gallery instead of Finnzras.

Okay, so i just downloaded chapter 9 using the app (previously i always download it from the website but decided i wanted to give the PC/mac app a try) and when i was trying to open up the CGs of all the characters from chapter 8 that i romanced, this happened. When i click ignore, it just immediately started a fresh new game. 

Fortunately, i was still able to click and open other CGs from chapter 1-7 and could load previously saved game files just fine. Only the CGs from chapter 8 are somehow corrupted (?)


We've just issued a fix for this! You just need to re-download. Sorry for the inconvenience!  :) 

No problem! Thanks for the hard work, devs! <3


Hello, do you have a rough idea of how many chapters there will be when it's completed? I don't like to start visual novels unless they're finished, because I tend to obsess over cliffhangers ;;; The game looks AMAZING and even now, it's so difficult for me to restraint myself from playing. Thank you!


This has been asked before. It will be 10 chapters long.


I'm in love with August and his character development! Its absolutely wonderful. I cant wait to see where this all goes!

Question?? What Gender do we play as?


you choose your own pronouns at the beginning!



omg i REALLY LOVE THIS GAMEcant wait for the chapter nine. im in love with finn, istg i dont want to play in another route, i just love finn jdhkasdhsk

Thank you! (Also, you are valid <3)


Ahhhhh, this is such an amazing game, omg. The art is gorgeous, the characters are marvelous, the diversity and inclusivity of the game is perfect, and the storyline is absolutely wonderful. I'm pretty sure I annoyed the hell out of my wife when I reached the end of chapter 8 and started making dying sounds though, because omg noooooooooo! XD I absolutely cannot wait to see more of this story!

Thank you so much for playing, glad to hear you enjoy :)

Can you pursue them all at the same time or does flirting with more than one upset each of them?

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you flirt with whoever for the first few chapters to get a better feel of their personalities, so yes you can flirt with them all technically. Then in/after chapter 4 you get the option to pick a romance route for only one character. You also get the option to enter into a poly relationship with more than one character (I think) like if you choose Alkar's route, since him and Omen are close you can enter into a relationship with both of them. 

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This is awesome. I love the characters, and the story is a lot better than i I anticipated (visual novels usually lack in this matter). I think I'm a little bit obsessed. And I love August, ok

Thank you! x

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This is so well made. When I played it for the first time, the story was so compelling that I didn't move from my laptop until I finished till the end of chapter eight! Congrats for creating such a great game.

Ps. - My favourites are Finnegan and August :)

Thank you very much for playing! 


Nice graphics, sensitive topic, keep it weird! Overall a very good game, keep it up!



This is a great visual novel, and actually its probably my favorite one I've ever played (read? not sure what verb to use there!). I tend to get a little bored with visual novels, or I zoom through them so quick that nothing really stays with me. But I felt like the pacing was really great, and the romance options didn't bore me at all. I was torn between Piper and Alkar, but by chance I spent the festival with Alkar first and fell in love! I'm very invested now and I can't wait until Chapter 9!

Thank you so much!! :)


I love it to bits. I love it. So much. Will there be a chapter 9? if so, can't freakin wait. Also can't wait to have enough money so I can give this game and it's team what it deserves.

That's very kind, thank you! Chapter Ten will be our last update, but we hope to keep adding some mini stories after the main story is finished! 


Pictures and images are real nice. Looks good. Keep up the good work!


I don't know if this has already been addressed, and if it has i apologize for my blindness, but do you have an estimate on the date the game will be released and how much it'll cost? 


The game is already out, it's being released chapter by chapter(it's up to chapter 8 already) and it is free but you can donate money if you'd like when you download.

this is both the first visual novel and the first otome game ive ever played, and let me tell you i have not been dissapointed. ive only done Ezra's route so far, as i only just downloaded this yesterday, but this is such a good story! I adore Ezra, and i really really like Omen and Finn as well, and im so excited to try everyones routes. the artwork is beautiful, and the characters are so diverse and well written! I'm so excited for the next chapters! 

Thank you so much! We hope you enjoyed the other routes if you played :) 

I'm not sure how to get the nsfw scene, I can't get chapter 8 at all, do i have to restart to get both?


i love the game so much! Ans as soon as I saw Omen i felt drawn to his character! in fact you did wonderfully creating all of the characters! i cant wait to go through all the routes

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