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Play as a renowned Hunter; a creature slayer who has been called to the quiet, strange little town of Lunaris to assist the local Enforcers with an investigation into a series of unsettling and unexplained supernatural murders.

Immerse yourself in the world of witches, vampires, demons, and Lycans as you slowly unravel the dark mystery that lies deep within the roots of the town.

The question is, are the creatures of the night the ones you should really be afraid of? 

You might even fall in forbidden love along the way.

When The Night Comes is a queer, narrative-driven, supernatural visual novel originally completed in October 2019. The new version of the game includes partial voice acting, new artwork, a codex, and improved UI. 

Rated M for harsh language, violence & sexually suggestive content.

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- 11 chapters totaling 490,000+ words

- 6 individual romances + 2 polyamorous pairings 

- 60+ gorgeous collectable illustrations

- Codex entries with character backstories, lore, and more

- Pronoun selection and a fully LGBTQ+ cast 

- The choice to play without pursuing romance

- Partially voiced with over 2,000 voiced lines

- 3 post-game DLCs unlocked after you complete the main game

 - Over 80 hours of potential gameplay across all possible routes

- Multiple endings, good and bad 

We have six unique individual romances and two polyamorous romances (Finn & Ezra and Omen & Alkar). August is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Our story is linear, so once a romance is selected, you will still interact with all of our other cast members! You will not be punished by the game for choosing non-intimate options. 


Jalen Cassell as Alkar 
Jonah Scott as August
Ione Butler as Piper
Chris Patton as Omen
Adam Faison as Ezra 
Gideon Emery as Finn
and Cyrus Nemati as Harry 

"A Devilishly Addictive Supernatural Mystery" - Blerdy Otome

"This is one of those games that makes you want to play again and again, following every possible course until you know everything about every character, and then come back and do it all over again." - Digital Diversity 

“When the Night Comes,' is a fun, inclusive, supernatural murder mystery, with some of the best queer romance options I've seen in a game for quite some time.” - geekdad.com 


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(1,906 total ratings)
AuthorLunaris Games
GenreVisual Novel
TagsDark Fantasy, Horror, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Mystery, Romance, supernatural, unspeakable, Vampire
Average sessionA few hours


Buy Now$12.99 USD or more

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WTNC ReVamp 1 GB

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Is the music available for purchase? Via CD, or like digitally on Apple Music? Sometimes I would just leave it on a scene just for the music playing in the background. This was so very well done!!

Can I somehow download the game on Xbox too?

So aside from the VAs, is there anything new about the revamp? If so, how much? Just wondering coz I got this back when it was free to download, pre-VAs. 

Updated UI, three already-released DLCs are available in-game from a special menu, a codex has been added. 

Are the DLCs you mentioned the mini stories? Or what is the special menu called if not? The game is extremely fun and I love the art, I can't wait to see where the story goes!  

Yes, the mini stories are the DLCs. They also recently released a new one but it isnt incorporated in the game :)

Well well well.. updated comment... finally... finally did my stupid-obsessive-completionist thing... and played through all the routes, read all of the codex, did all of the mini-games... worth it.  I am confused and wondering if I missed something though... I played through Omen's route twice... and it still feels like I missed a chunk of story between the end of the main game and the start of his mini-side-game?... Don't want to put any further details (spoiler 'n' all)... anywhere I can get filled in?

also... ... HA... So It IS a UK company... I was wondering why I appreciated all the humour so much (many of the VNs I've played have ... just... really not-funny-to-me cringe humour... ).

Also.  Piper is bloody brilliant.  Thank you for creating and writing this character.  That lovely lady has fulfilled the dream of every wronged-employee out in the world... to call their boss a t**t and NOT get fired.  She made me laugh so hard.  I'd take up fight training just to try to be her bestie.  Mama Ezra would also have a fan in me... migraine meds?  Always?  Oh please. Yes. Please... my other best friend...

I nearly spit out my juice when the name of the... erm... "author" was revealed.  I can't believe I haven't heard that one.  I used to be a telephone operator.  

Reading another comment (in this looong list of comments) ... someone indicated that het romances in VNs are usually "not great".. and I have to agree... so many of them... the protagonist and their respective choices are... so... vapid, or infuriatingly shallow... I had to stop playing a game just recently because the MC was this irresponsible twit who felt self-entitled to have everything just handed to her... and it wasn't even a platform for 'growth' it was like the creators expected us to AGREE and LIKE it... and this just set up the game to play out where you know the 'love interests' are going to be just as shallow and undeveloped.

I am rather in a bit of a pondering mood now though that ... after reading all these comments... good lord... am I the only HN to play these games?  Damnit... Am I trespassing upon disallowed ground?  I'm so sorry... What can I say?  The best looking boys ALWAYS seem to be drawn into the LGBTQA+ games (I apologize, I don't ... know if I missed a letter in there).  I very much appreciate the artwork and the depiction of light.  That ONE CG of August (I think it must have been in promo ads or something) going full-juice was actually what spurred me to say "I must try this game."

Thank you for your lovely comment, you made us smile! And, yes, we are based in Britain and our lead writer is a Brit, hence the humor. We're really glad you enjoyed the game and you're absolutely not disallowed! 

Regarding the Omen story, we did actually overlook the fact that we took out some end cards when we re-released the game and in between the events of the base game and the first DLC, he went on a little trip home to visit his father and sort out some 'Important Demon Business.' That's kind of it, so not really missing anything major, but sorry if that was confusing! We're looking to add those end cards back in with a future update :)

Ahhh... thank you for clearing up the Omen story... hahaha a "... little trip home to visit his father..."  The understated, stiff upper-lipness of it is wonderful.  Love.  It.

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Is there any female romance option in this game?

Yes there's Piper! Please see the description and screenshots for information :) 

I have a question. Can we romance Finn without being in poly with Ezra?

You can! There are individual romances for all characters included in any poly pairings.

Heyyy so I was wondering if you can maybe look into the 32. download? Every time I try to load it after downloading it, the application just shuts off before the game can even start. The download process until then is fine but I have no idea why it's doing this. 

Hi! Can you email us your system specs at info@lunarisgames.com and we can take a little look into this for you and hopefully help!

i have bought this game a while ago, being a VN lover as well as a fantasy lover i couldn't just ignore it. Unfortunately i haven't been able to play it due to my lack of time and i'm just now playing it. I recently have played a VN that had NO happy endings whatsoever in it and it kinda left me empty lmao. So i was wondering if WTNC had real happy endings as well as the bad ones.

 Like, i just want my character to be happy with her lover :,( can that happen in this game?

Everything aside, i'm really enjoying the game so far! Keep up the amazing work!

YES it has happy endings, 9 of them if you include the poly romances and the no romance ending :]

This is something we’re also really passionate about because why should you pour 10+ hours into a game and grow to love the characters just for it to end in misery, right? So yes, you can have a happy ending AND there are even DLCs post-ending with even more happiness for you to indulge in. 

We made sure that the choices you make are very well labelled so you don’t stumble into a bad ending also, but if you’re unsure please feel free to contact us and we can nudge you in the right direction! 

Does starting a new game delete your saves from the previous game?

No they’ll remain!

Hi!! I bought the game and I kept seeing something called "codex entries", but I don't know how to access the codex. It isn't in the controls menu, either. How do you access it?

The codex is accessible via the ‘Extras’ menu!

Thank you!!

When did I know I was going to love this game? RIGHT in the beginning... whilst reading the Codex and I saw this beautiful piece of wisdom: 

" Of course, unfortunate things happen.  You can't cure stupid."

Some of the truest words ever put to print... and I give ALL the likes to the creators who included it in the game.

Thank you!!! x

Played this game a while back and loved it. Just coming back to it (and a couple others) while in a MOOD, ya know. August is such a comfort character for me. They make me happy <3 Love the characters, the idea behind the plots. I even like the "bad" ending. It hit hard, in a good way for me (a slight masochist). I love the art, especially August's. It's great to see non-binary characters, to see people I connect with. Gus is such a goal. And the writing really works for me. I like that we get to interact with everyone outside of those we romance and that parts of who they are are kept just for the romance without feeling like their friendships are skimped on. Great work.

Thank you for your lovely words! August means so much to us too <3

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Wow... I gotta say, I was iffy about purchasing this game at first. I debated over it for some time especially because of the way the game is marketed. I am bisexual, which means I have just as much interest in men as women. Unfortunately, straight romance options are... unpopular within the VN world. Though everyone seems to be constantly screaming for more "inclusion", I struggle to find something decent that isn't forcibly Yaoi or Yuri. If you ARE like me and put off by the game being labelled the way it is, don't be. I would argue that the game isn't "queer"-centric. It's beautifully fluid and natural. It doesn't feel forced at all, unlike many more offensively tropey VN's, and genuinely feels as though everyone is just attracted to what they are attracted to. Again, natural. It really does feel inclusive to EVERYONE. Also, Piper is best girl. Best female romance option ever. Right up there with Alwenn from Oathbreaker. In the end, I HAD to buy it once I saw Gideon Emery's name there under the voice cast... and woof! So worth it. I've been in love with his voice since Fenris from DA2. I have no idea what kind of magic you worked to get such an awesome voice acting cast, but I am GRATEFUL. Thank you. Also, the story was legitimately interesting. The romance was great. AND I have fallen in love with the world in which this game takes place. 10/10 would absolutely purchase it again. And in case I didn't make it clear about my love for Emery's voice, I definitely favored Finn's route. 

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Hello me again :) 
I played the game again and I really have to say that as much as I love this Game, 
I really miss the epilogue that was there before you edited the game. 
Is it somehow possible to add it back to the new version of the game? I would be really happy.
At the end of the game i always have the feeling that something is missing before it goes into the extras stories.
Best regards <3

Aww they removed it? I loved the epilogue it was my most favorite part of each route.  I have to completely agree with you. I was planning to buy the game but now I'm not too sure.

The epilogue is not included in the steam version. maybe it's still available here in the ichio version, unfortunately I don't know, so far I've only played it on steam since the new version. But I would really like to see the epilogue added to Steam and, if not available, to ichio as well

Please make for android too

I just bought the game although I tried unzipping the file, It still won't open? TT 

Hi! Can you tell us if you’re getting any errors when trying to open it? Feel free to send us screenshots of your unzipped file to info@lunarisgames.com and we’ll see if we can help :)

how in the world did you get gideon emery to voice for your game aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Magic 🌟

Good evening :) I really love this game and wanted to ask if 
the soundtrack of this game could be available as DLC. 
I'll be happy to pay for that too. Kind regards <3

The soundtrack is all copyright free music so you can find it on YouTube! The song names are listed in the credit screen :)

Thank you very much ♥️

Okay dumb question i know, but how do i unlock Mini-Stories 2 and 3? do i just need to keep playing through the game

they each unlock at the end of the previous mini story :) 

I love the game so far even though I'm just starting it but I have a question: is there an option to change\enlarge the game font? I have poor eyesight and the font, although pretty, strains my eyes to the point where I can't read for more than 15-20 minutes :(

I feel your pain, same here. I don't think there is any way to change the font unfortunately... had to play the game in small intervals and very close to the screen.

Actually, I have figured out a workaround if you are still playing! Hit Shift+A once in game and it brings up Ren'Py acessebility menu that allows you to enlarge the font or to use the sans type font. May look wonky in some cases (e.g save game info) but looks fine in dialogues and I was able to play with no problems! Wish there was a built-in version in the menu for that, though.

Holy shit, you have made my life so much better. Thank you SO MUCH for this reply!! :D

im a little confused but how do you start the poly romances, im not sure what im doing honestly 

The option to initiate the poly routes are in chapter five if you’re in a romance with one of the individuals in the pairings. 

Thank you so much!

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It was nice to replay it again and get to hear the characters too. All of them sound like I would've expected them to xD I definitely recommend it to the others that are checking the comments :)

So i finished August's route but can't unlock the last CG in his gallery. Can someone help?

You can unlock their CG from playing the mini story "Til Death"

 Thank you!

I bought it on steam but it refuses to run for some reason. Is there anyway you could send me the file on here? I will attach a screenshot for proof that I already bought this game.

Or maybe send it to like my email or something? What can I do to fix this issue because I want to play this beautiful game lol.

(1 edit)

We recommend that you get in touch with Steam support and they should be able to assist! Can you tell us if there’s an error message or anything that happens when you try to play? Also please check that your computer or antivirus are not trying to block the launch :)

Thank you so much for your quick response I appreciate it. I will get in touch with steam and check if anything is blocking the launch! There is no error or popups when I try to play, I'll keep you updated on what happens.

The "WTNC Revamp" Launcher pops up for a couple seconds and then closes.

Hi! sorry if this question has been asked before but do i have to pay for the game again if i've already bought it before the game was revamped? I bought it when it was only $5

If you’ve already purchased it before then you should just be able to download the new version for free in your library or on our page. 

Alright! Thanks for the reply!🧡 Looking forward to re playing the whole thing again with the dreamy voice overs 😍

Hi! I have a quick question, so I'm trying to play the DLCs but only one of them is unlocked? How do I unlock the other two?

All DLCs are unlocked in sequence/order at the end of the previous DLC, so to play the Halloween one you need to complete one route of Til Death :)

Ah okay! thank you!! :D

when i played this earlier this year, i definitely didn't picture finn with a voice quite as deep as gideon emery's but now that i see that i'm like ohhhhhh.

so excited to play the revamp!

I'm sorry, but are you telling me that you guys got ******* Fenris to voice Finnegan? How did that happen, lol? Not that I'm complaining. DA II was definitely one big ship for me. XD

omg when I made that connection---my love for this game just increased so much. All of the voice actors are pretty great!

>w< best one so far <3 >3> finn and Ezra most fav <3

Figured my issue out and it's great so far. :D 

Bought this game for Alkar and Piper but August's route was actually a pleasant surprise. Such good voice acting too

Hi! This is a random question, but what is the new song you used in the Till Death extra, during the final scene? It's beautiful, and I can't figure it out from the credits. Thank you!

I don't know if you've found it by now, but it's called Eternity, the artist is called Borrtex :)

how do i get all codex entrys and all the extra gallery scenes i have 3 left for each

seconded, i have the last CG for each character locked even though i feel like I went through all the endings.

You need to play through all of the DLCs in the Extras screen

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This is the first full-on VN I’ve ever seriously sat down to play, after toying a little bit with Monster Prom and Murder By Numbers (which is only about 50% VN). I’ve been following development at least since it was featured in that one “LGBTQ+ Games To Play For Valentine’s Day” article (can’t remember if it had come up in my steam queue before that) and I’m so happy it’s finally out. I’m glad you folks were able to overcome that last set of development hurdles.

I’m just curious as to whether or not the demo save carries over to the main game? If not, I’m not fussed, since I’m only losing about an hour worth of play time. (That, and I’m all for meeting Ezra and Finn for the first time again…)

EDIT: Figured out how to port my save, all good :)

Does anyone know if there are walkthroughs/guide I can follow? Bad endings scares me. ☹️

Without spoilers: the bad ending is pretty obvious once you get to the choice that matters for it. It's all in the last chapter of the game, and the split is easy to tell. Otherwise, the choices in the game do not effect your ending :)

How do I get the DLCs? :O I've bought the game and completed Ezra's good end but I was wondering about how to unlock them.

and by the way, thank ya for the game :D

They’re in the Extras screen :) 

Hello! I just opened the revamped version for the first time, and it is beautiful. I can't wait to playthrough all the routes again (just finished Ezra's once more) with all the tweaks and polishing. Thank you for the hard work and I can't wait to see Errant Kingdom and Call Me Under fnished.

Hi, I have the old version which I paid for- do I have to pay for this revamped version too to get the new content?

If you have the game in your library if you paid for it you should be able to just download the new version for free.

Hello, I'm also having the same issue. The game won't let me download the new one even though I paid for the old one.

I'm not getting that either. It's still asking that I pay $12.99 for it. :(

I have been sooo excited about this revamp! I can't even. Sadly, tho', I'm having a small problem. Sometimes lines happen where there should be voicing, but there isn't. Finn (or my beloved Gideon Emery) will speak one line, but the next one will be silent. Is there something I'm doing wrong? I have it installed through the itch.io app. 

It’s partially voiced :)

Oh, good! I mean, good to know that something isn't wrong with the game. And, speaking of voices, they're all spot on and I very much appreciate the work that you guys put in to revamping the whole thing! It's one of my favorites! And, well, anytime Gideon Emery is involved, I get shivers. Very nice shivers. :)

Playing this for the first time (I never got to play the old version) and I have to say I really enjoyed it! The voice acting was amazing (I melted the first time August spoke). I did have a question about the codex entries.

How can I unlock the final codex entry? I've gone through all routes and all endings (at least I think I've gotten them all). But it's still locked. Is it tied to one of the DLCs (which I have yet to get through with everyone thus far)?

It’s unlockable in Omen’s route in the first DLC!

Thank you!

Melted? Must be Jonah Scott.
(Sorry I am a simp of Jonah Scott's voice XD XD)

(1 edit)

Oh Jonah Scott definitely had a lot to do with the melting. XD He did a fantastic job (so did everyone else, too!)

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