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When The Night Comes is a queer, narrative-driven, supernatural visual novel. The game has ten chapters totaling at 490,000+ words, has 60+ gorgeous collectable illustrations, resulting in a total of 80 hours of game play across all possible routes.

You are a renowned Hunter, a creature slayer who has been been called to the quiet, strange little town of Lunaris to assist the local Enforcers with an investigation into a series of unsettling and unexplained supernatural murders.

Immerse yourself in the world of witches, vampires, demons and lycans as you slowly unravel the dark mystery that lies deep within the roots of the town.

The question is, are the creatures of the night the ones you should really be afraid of? 

You might even fall in forbidden love along the way.


Lunaris Games are actively working on a re-release of When The Night Comes with new art, additions to the story, a codex, and more. If you purchase the game now you will get this new version for FREE when we release towards the end of 2020! 

AVAILABLE NOW; TWO  FREE mini-stories; 'Possibly A Chimera, Probably A Big Fucking Cat' and 'Til Death' out now. 

Available as a separate download below (to be played post-main game)

R18 for harsh language, violence & sexually suggestive content.

Our second game, Errant Kingdom, is out now!

Patreon  | Shop Merch | Tumblr | Twitter 

We have six unique individual romances and two polyamorous romances (Finn & Ezra and Omen & Alkar). August is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Our story is linear, so once a romance is selected, you will still interact with all of our other cast members! 

  • 6 individual romance routes
  • 2 polyamorous romance routes 
  • Player chooses their own pronouns
  • No gender-restrictive romances
  • Play without romancing anyone OR play a romance comfortably with no obligation to partake in sexual scenes
  • Unlockable CGs with every chapter
  • A wide and varied range of dialogue options in every chapter that help you choose your path and mold the story depending on what choices you make
  • Your choices matter from the start! Choose wisely... 

Lunaris Games are a queer indie development team with a passion for creating immersive, narrative-driven stories filled with diverse characters. 

We believe that representation matters, whether it be solving supernatural murders, or saving a kingdom. Our primary goal is to bring the stories & games to the LGBTQA+ community that it so sorely needs, and to do that with the love it deserves and that we have for it. 

Lead Artist: Anna T.
Narrative Designer/Producer/Writer: Kris Wise
Writer: Kevin N.
Editor: Lennox D.
Background Artist: Marina B.
Artist: Tiffany P.
Music: As credited in-game

Email: kris@wtncgame.com


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this Visual Novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

WTNC (Windows) 411 MB
WTNC (Mac) 410 MB
WTNC (Linux) 417 MB
WTNC Mini Story One 131 MB
WTNC Mini Story One 130 MB
WTNC Mini Story One 136 MB
WTNC Mini Story Two 208 MB
WTNC Mini Story Two 207 MB
WTNC Mini Story Two 214 MB

Download demo

WTNC Demo (Windows).zip 132 MB
WTNC Demo (Mac).zip 131 MB
WTNC Demo (Linux).bz2 138 MB

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I have enjoyed the mini story 2 so much and each story is very unique and lovely, August's being my favorite. I just wanted to point out a small error i noticed during Omen's route in the mini story 2. When Elaine greets us at the aibek it said [player's_name} instead of the inserted name. 

The second mini story is so good! Really, I loved them all, though Finn's was my favorite this time. These characters are all so lovely. I hope you'll continue making story shorts for this series.

Also can I just say that August's special outfit sprite looks like a beautiful fairy.

Thank you! We definitely plan on keeping the story alive in some way in the future :)

If we already paid for the game do we need to re-purchase it to access the new mini-story, After Death?

You don't need to repurchase. :)


As a kid I loved playing otome games, but as I got older and realised I was queer they didn’t hold the same magic. This game has recreated that feeling of joy for me. The story and characters are captivating, and the causal acceptance of queerness makes my heart swell. I’ve fallen in love. Thank you so much.

That means a lot to us as that is exactly what we sought out to achieve. Thank YOU so much x


Hello! Am I right in thinking that there’s a second mini story coming out today? I’m so hyped!

Did y'all reboot this game or something? I am confused, does not take a lot to do that to me, honestly...


We are actively working on the re-release right now! We're replacing some artwork and brushing up the script and UI, and also adding a codex and streamlining some features :) 


I bought this game a few days ago and I can't begin to tell you how much I adored it? Omen is so precious and I love him ; - ; I'm always weak for supernatural based VNs but this one really takes the cake. 

I had a bit of a question on how it's all going to work with getting the re-release later this year. I'm relatively new to itch.io in general so I don't know what the usal MO for stuff like this is. Is it a code or a link to the download?

Thank you for playing and we’re glad you enjoyed! When the new version releases you’ll simply get access to the download the same way you do now :)

I recently bought this game and god, I've been enjoying it so much! All the character designs are amazing and I love every single character. and I must say, August wasn't my first pick (I picked Ezra first) but after learning about their character more and more, I fell HARD for them... Gave their character playlist a listen as well. :) but honestly all the designs and the art is just very nice and Finn's bedroom? love tHE STYLE. the festival stalls? LOVELY I LOVE THE COLORS. i just really have been enamored with the game!!

also!! I can't wait for the second mini-story coming up soon! I really appreciate all of the staff at Lunaris Games because truly, your game is so fun to play. much love. <3

Thank you for your lovely comment! We truly appreciate it and you for playing 💕

Would you mind if I translate your game into Russian? It will be easier for me to read this way, of course I understand something on the go, turning the pages, but some meaning escapes me "sometimes"... even now I write this with the help of an online translator.

We don't grant permission for translations of the game sorry! This may be something we look into in the future, though. 

If you reach that point, I would offer myself to translate it into german

I would too, in Korean!

I just finished the first chapter, I've barely started and i cant even explain properly how happy this game is making me already. I am so excited to get to know all the characters, Usually I can pick someone out I'd like to romance right away but I'm SO TORN. aaaaaa big thank you to everyone who worked on this game. <3

Thank you so much! Enjoy the rest :)

Just finished playing this game after buying it a few weeks ago and man I LOVE this story and its characters ^^ I'm glad I supported the developers becuz you guys deserved it! Will play the mini stories soon! In the meantime take good care guys~ 

Thank you so much!! x


Can you upload the mini story for Linux,please?

It's missing T_T

So sorry about that! We'll make sure it's available from tomorrow x

Thanks a lot :)


Hello, I just bought the game and I'm really excited to try it out! But after unzipping the file, I keep getting a traceback txt error when I try to play the game. Any way on how to fix this? 

Hi! Please can you email us your system specs on kris@wtncgame.com? We're trying to figure out where this issue is coming from as it is only happening to a select few people. Thank you!

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I loved every moment of this game! <3 I explored all route and dang I love it so much. The art and the storyline were all beautiful.Thank you so much for making this game <3

P.S I am weak for Piper ;D

Thank you so much! 

Do you have any plans on Steam release when the game is 100% complete?

We are considering it, yes :)

I played chapters 1-9 throughout a few months when they were still free and absolutely loved them, then after that I didn't check the page for a while and now I see chapter 10 has been released (and you are even working on a new game!). I don't have PayPal or a credit card as we have another similar system in my country that I use to pay normally, but I think I'll look into getting a PayPal account for this game. It is wonderfully written and the art is stunning, and I thoroughly enjoyed it up until now, I hope Errant Kingdom does well and gets the attention it deserves, and you will be able to make a living by creating these games! 

Thank you for making these games, and good luck with all your future projects!

Thank you for your lovely comment! We're so pleased you enjoyed x

Is there, per chance, a guide on how to get all the CGs somewhere? I can't seem to figure it out myself.

If you mean the 'missing' CGs at the end of each galleries then they're just placeholder boxes. If you've played each romance you should absolutely have each CG as they aren't hidden behind specific options! The only ones you may be missing are for Finn, Piper, Omen and Ezra in chapter eight there are NSFW and SFW versions depending on if you sleep with them or not in chapter seven :) 

If I had the full free game on another computer can I re-download it for free on my new one or do I have to buy it ?

If you can transfer it from pc > pc then you're good! But to re-download you will need to pay. 


By far and without a shadow of a doubt one of my absolute favorite visual novels I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The art is beautiful, the story is interesting and the characters are nothing short of captivating. I just now found out about the decision to put a price tag on the game, and I'm SO happy to support the game and developers even further!

I'm definitely looking forward to more mini stories and I can't wait what Lunaris Games in general has in store for the future!

Thank you for your wonderful comment! x


I've just finished the game for the first time (finally!), following August's route, and I am so glad I found it last year! It really is a brilliant game and I have no regrets about re-buying it earlier this year when the price change was announced. The story was gripping and the art was absolutely stunning! I can't wait to go back and playthrough the different options and follow a different romance route.

Thank you so much for this game! It has become one of my favourites and I cannot emphasise just how truly wonderful it is!

Thank YOU for playing and enjoying :) x


what game engine did you use to make this game



The art - BEAUTIFUL. 

The storyline - CAPTIVATING. 

The visual novel - PERFECTION. 

Also... So many snacks.

All the snacks... 

Thank you xxx

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I'm in love with this game. It's brilliant.
A very nice game I'm very grateful for that. Is is possible to get 
and buy a steam version of it?
Many thanks for such a great game <3 <3

Thanks so much! We've had a bad experience with Steam so for now we're refraining from putting it on there, but we may consider it in the future.

Thank you for the nice answer. That's fine for me even if there is no steam release. I love this game and am looking forward to your new game.🥰

Hi, your game looks great, but would it be possible to add back the "autoplay" button renpy includes by default? Or is there on I'm not seeing? Having to click through every line is causing me too much wrist pain to continue, which is sad because I was really excited to play!

I just bought the game. I have access to the main and mini game. I opened the main and can only play chapter one like in the demo. I don't see myself going forward. did I do something wrong?

NVM. I was able to fix it. There was a little error from my end. o7


finally got around to playing the mini story (yayyy!!!) and ugh i love this so much :( thanks for making something so good! has me wishing i could actually have my own 6'2 wolf boy~ cant wait for any future stuff!! :o) 

Thank you so much! 


I'm playing the game on my channel rn and it's a lot of fun! I can't get over how gorgeous the artwork is, honestly 


I agree with you with the artwork. I love the fact that the "paragraphs" are just two lines. It is easier to read and keep moving instead of the wall of words. I enjoy watching the artwork, too. I take my time to spend more time in each conversation because I can actually take a look in the actual character's design and room/surrounding!

Thanks! We're glad you're enjoying it :)

Bought the game a few days ago, but only had the chance to start it yesterday. I havent't played through all the routes yet, but I love the game. I was pleasantly surprised by the witcher vibes I got from it, too. Everyone is beautiful, sweet and a joy to read about. My only complaint is that some scenes that I've read before are seemingly unskippable, but that's a very small issue.

Thank you for making this game!

And thank YOU for playing and supporting us x


Cool!! This game is beautiful!! 

Thank you! x


Hello! I'm not seeing where the minigame is supposed to be? It says in the new version that it's included in it, so I didn't have to click on anything to download separately. Not sure how to do so, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


It’s a separate download that’s listed alongside the main game download. It opens in a separate application. 

I see it now, sorry! Thank you!

I have now played through every route and I have to say that this game is just amazing. Well-written characters with distinctive personalities, inclusive for all and the artwork is stunning. Thank you for making this, it's fantastic!!

Thank you so much! 

Just finished playing through all of the routes in the mini-story, and it was so cute! I hadn't realized how much I missed these characters and Lunaris so this was really sweet and made me happy haha. Thank you for making this! 


We’re so glad you enjoyed :) x 

I finished playing this game when it was free, and I had just so happened to replay a few times. I'm concerned as my chapter 10 is nowhere to be found, although i finished 3-4 routes with 10. Anything you can do? Thanks. 

is the game available in french?

because I would love to play it   :3

(1 edit)

Quick question: for the characters in polyamory routes, do they only have polyamory routes, or can you play them separately? Not trying to shame anyone, poly romance just isn't my thing. I think that description says they can be played without polyamory, but better safe than sorry,


they can still be romanced individually! 

I love this game so much (Finn is definitely my favourite). Will there be a sequel or something? I wish this game never ended ;_;


we’re working on a re-release right now which will have new features, extra artwork and side-stories! 

Hi! I'm excited for it! Just a side thing, I e-mailed Kris about an order I made in your store, but I haven't gotten a reply and it's been a few days. Is there someone I can contact specifically about orders? Thank you✨

i just finished playing through the chapters and i want to say i really love this game!! the characters are so lovable and the world they live in is so interesting... thank you for such a wonderful experience : ) 

im really excited for what's to come in errant kingdom : D 

thank you so much! 


2nd on itch.io's top rated games??? I'm so proud of you, Lunaris games team!! You've come so far and you deserve it xx good luck on your way and thank you for your amazing games (tell Omen I said hello)


Thank you! x



 I just purchased the game and after spending my day playing, I wanted to say thank you. I am impressed and throughly thrilled with it! The art is beautiful and The characters are great. I’m definitely sharing this with my friends who have been hunting for a new game like this for a while. 

Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you so much! We're glad you enjoyed x


Ok so I downloaded this game when it was free, but I had to restart my computer. I came back to reinstall it and now it's worth money. I don't want to pay for something I already had. If you can do anything about this please do, it's fine if you can't. It's an amazing game and worth the 5$ that I can't pay.

If you email us on kris@wtncgame.com we can sort something out for you

Oh really? I'd really appreciate that! Thank you!

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