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When The Night Comes is a queer, narrative-driven, supernatural visual novel with ten chapters and over 80 hours of game play across all possible routes!

You are a renowned Hunter, a demon slayer who has been been called to the quiet town of Lunaris to assist the local Enforcers with an investigation into a series of unsettling and unexplained  supernatural murders.

Immerse yourself in the world of witches, vampires, demons and lycans as you slowly unravel the dark mystery that lies deep within the roots of the town.

The question is, are the creatures of the night the ones you should really be afraid of? 

You might even fall in forbidden love along the way.

R18 for harsh language, violence & sexually suggestive content

Our second game, Errant Kingdom, is out now!

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We have six unique individual romances and two polyamorous romances (Finn & Ezra and Omen & Alkar). August is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.

Our story is linear, so once a romance is selected, you will still interact with all of our other cast members! 

  • 6 individual romance routes
  • 2 polyamourous romance routes
  • Player chooses their own pronouns
  • No gender-restrictive romances
  • Play without romancing anyone OR play a romance comfortably with no obligation to partake in sexual scenes
  • 6 or more Unlockable CGs with every chapter
  • Hunter collectibles
  • A wide and varied range of dialogue options in every chapter that help you choose your path and mold the story depending on what choices you make
  • Your choices matter from the start! Choose wisely... 

Lunaris Games are a queer indie development team with a passion for creating immersive, narrative-driven stories filled with diverse characters. 

We believe that representation matters, whether it be solving supernatural murders, or saving a kingdom. Our primary goal is to bring the stories & games to the LGBTQA+ community that it so sorely needs, and to do that with the love it deserves and that we have for it. 

Lead Artist: Anna T.
Narrative Designer/Producer/Writer: Kris W.
Writer: Kevin N.
Editor: Lennox D.
Background Artist: Marina B.
Artist: Tiffany P.
Music: As credited in-game

Email: kris@wtncgame.com


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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It might be a little hard for me financially, but I will definitely buy the game as soon as I can to support you guys - I'm looking forward to see what you do with it and what comes next. 

Keep up the great work, guys. 


Despite putting many, many hours into this game and playing it back to front, I absolutely don't mind the change in price, and if anyone is wondering if it's worth it--it absolutely is! This game is incredible. I'm very excited to see the updates and move to Unity and thrilled at the thought of mini stories with these characters. I wish you all the best of luck for this upcoming year and I can't wait to see what you have in store! 


We’re excited too! Thank you for your support x


I just have one question: I just saw in my feed that you've changed the download links. Is this a update for the game?


We just re-uploaded the game as it was but with a fix to the start of chapter nine so that the Harry choice from the end of eight wasn’t repeated :) 

Okay, thank you  for answer me! :D

Hello there! I absolutely ADORE this game and I've been following you guys since I found Kris's stories on tumblr. I'm so happy ya'll are finally getting some of the recognition you deserve for your talents! Great work. 

I have one problem which I'm just trying to make sure isn't a bug that will ruin my romance. I just restarted the game and all the flirt options for every character does not make the "Name +5" message appear that I am used to. I have tried reinstalling already. Will this affect my playthrough in any way? I have no idea if I am still getting the points or not or maybe I just haven't found out how to see that. Thank you!

The flirting system was something we decided was unnecessary as we already allow you to select your romance path, so we removed it. It was an added complication during coding (which we don’t have much knowledge of within ren’py!) BUT when we re-release the special edition of the game this year we’ll have a more refined system where we’ll introduce it again so that it has a purpose. 

Okay! Thank you so much for replying. I can't wait to support you guys with whatever else you do! Have a great one

I can assume one of the poly routes is with Finn and Ezra due to the art preview, but I'm curious as to what the other one is? To be honest, I'm not willing to put in the effort dating two characters at the same time over and over throughout the whole story to have around a 7% chance of getting it right.

Finn & Ezra and Omen & Alkar

Thanks for the info!

(2 edits)

this game has been super fun so far, but i think i came across a bug! spoilers ahead!!

i'm doing august's route first and i got to chapter 8. i kept choosing to condemn harry, and then at the very end to condemn but lie to him. as soon as the chapter ends, instead of proceeding to the next one it loops back to the conversation with harry from near the beginning! ;-;

update: thankfully playing through the dialogue again allows me to proceed! but still, i thought you should know about it! 0:

Ah yesss we are aware of this! It is an intentional repeat of the menu choices as we had a coding issue. We will be fixing this with our re-release coming soon! 

ahh alright, i'm glad to hear that! i really look forward to the re-release! until then, i'll try to get a full review of this version out for you guys once i'm done with all the routes. it's an amazing game so far!! 

hmm this might just be me not seeing it, but is there any way to delete saves?


hover your mouse over the save and press ‘delete’ on your keyboard :) 

Is there a guide for how to get all CGs?

You just need to play all romance routes! There are 68 CGs in total (there will still be blank/locked slots even after you’ve unlocked all CGs due to the gallery template) 

I've become so attached to this series! It's got a mix of romance, humor, thrill, etc. I spent most of my winter break going through all of the pathways and I've got to say, Alkar's is my all time favorite. I also wanted to point out how much I admire the character designs! They've all got personalities of their own and it makes each of them stand out in their own way. It's fun to just go through and take time admiring their styles. Overall, this is truly an amazing game and I couldn't more excited for what the future holds! (p.s. my game save isn't working so i'm a little scared)  Thank you for making this wonderful game! :-)

x Juju

Thank you so, so much for your very kind words! x

This game absolutely floored me with how amazing it was. The art style is very unique and fits the atmosphere perfectly. The characters and their designs are so unique and I want to marry August with my whole heart!! Their romance was so undeniably sweet, especially the diary scene. One of the best games I've played in a while!!


I'm not quite thrilled with the game. The game isn't bad, it's just not exactly what I expected. You know, you cannot please everyone, so don't take it personally. 

I noticed a few things that can be improved so I decided to share them:
- in the picture with Harry in the forest his scar on the wrong cheek.
- the 9-th chapter repeat 20 or even more lines from 8-th, even the choses. This is not good, not logical and really annoying, because you cannot skip it.
- a brief summary of what happens to characters next (in the end) moves too fast. I recommend deleting the timer (turn the page by click the mouse)... Just let the player read as fast as they want. I'm literally not really good at English (this is my second language) and I wasn't pleased to go back and forth several times.

I enjoyed CG a lot... But I really missed your vision of MC on it...

Thanks for the game, anyway.


Thank you for your feedback! We made the game with little to no budget and we are currently working on a re-release of it on a new engine now that we're a more established studio. It definitely isn't perfect, but we're really proud of what we created with it being our very first game (and not even having a programmer!). Hopefully you'll consider giving it another go when this release comes out later in the year :) 


Question; Is the entire game finished, or are there more chapters to be made?


The main game is complete, but we do plan on releasing side-stories throughout 2020 :) 


All right, thank you!

I cannot even find all the words to tell you how much I love this game! The story was fantastic, the characters were bright and lovable! I played every path as fast as I could! The writing is fantastic and the art is beautiful! And it was so refreshing to find a game sensitive to gender fluidity! This game was very obviously a labor of love. My many thanks and I look forward to more! 

You're so kind, thank you so much <3

I loved the game. it was an awesome experience. But there are two things i just DON'T get. First of all, why is Elaine so cautious around us (the hunter) ? and sometimes even a little bit rude like i could sense she didn't like us but i didn't do anything wrong sometimes i even felt like we got along pretty well with her. and second, why does Fiero not like us too ? XD i can't help but wonder what he didn't like about me. i gave Elaine a pass cuz she has the right to be cautious. But Fiero isn't even cautious when he's around i feel like he knows i won't try anything funny but for some reason still dislikes me. so i told myself while playng finn's route that maybe he would soften a little towards me but it only got worse XD the dude became even creepier. please enlighten me in the comments. 

Oh i also have another question, i know it's starting to get annoying but please bear with me. '^_^ are some cgs loched on purpose ? because i can't seem to unlock all of them for every chracter there are always 4 cgs that stay locked. I just wanted to know if there was a possibility to unlock them and if there is, how ? thank you in advance

You're fine, we love questions, and thank you for playing! 

- Elaine is absolutely intended to be a little rude. Remember that both her and Omen aren't from 'our' world, but Omen has been in Lunaris a lot longer than her, hence why he's a little more well-adapted. Elaine has only been there a few weeks, months at most, and she doesn't quite understand how to act around humans just yet. She's also used to being treated like royalty back home, so she's trying, but it'll take a bit longer for her to fully adjust! 

- Fiero is an empath, so he tends to be very, very closed off with his emotions as when he's around humans he feels every little thing they're feeling, including the bad things like unease, dread, fear. He absolutely doesn't dislike the Hunter (if their intentions are good!) but he's also not willing to trust them 100% until he knows them a little better. He's specifically protective of Finn because he knows how open with his feelings his friend can be. Of course, if the Hunter chooses to side with Harry/pledges to take the potion at the end of the game, Fiero's caution was correct. 

- Regarding the CGs, any remaining slots left after you've completed each romance aren't unlockable. The system we used to code the game was very basic and that was just the way the gallery was set up! 

i really enjoyed playing this game! i just finished finn's route and i'm currently playing august's route! i love the vivid, descriptive writing and the way the relationships with all of the characters developed over time. i also appreciate the ability to choose gender neutral pronouns as a player and the attention to detail when writing the romance scenes. i've never played a game before that was so thoughtful about using inclusive language during romance scenes and i didn't realize how important it was to me until i played this game. so thank you!

one thing i'd like to say though is that i kind of got whiplash after playing finn's route (and falling in love with him !!!) then going down a different route. it feels weird to have ezra and finn together (and for me as the mc to nudge them forward) after just playing finn's route. for me it made the route i just played with him less special. 

i wonder if in the future, there is a way to write the characters a little differently if they're not currently being romanced? i enjoyed the dynamics of august, ezra, and piper's relationships and i feel as though that same love and respect can be displayed between all characters without romance (unless their route is being played)?

just a suggestion! i look forward to playing the other routes and checking out other games you have made as well!

Thank you so much for enjoying, and thank you for your feedback! We definitely struggled with how to implement the poly relationships (as we hadn't personally played anything where it had been done before) but this is definitely something we can take into consideration. It was a little hard sometimes to naturally intertwine everyone and have them all interacting in a way that didn't feel forced, but we will be releasing some side-stories throughout this year so can hopefully explore those friendships there :)

This game is absolutely amazing and i feel guilty for the fact that the game is for free. Characters are fantastic and easy to fall in love with (where in real life can i get such cuties?). I've already finished two routes and I need to try even more. The history, art, music, dialogues and everything is wonderful and I can't wait to buy ''Errant Kingdom'' when it'll be released (by the way I have no doubt that this game will be at least as good as WTNC but I guess it'll be even better and I can already say that I love the art and the ability to choose your role). I really appreciate the support for LGBTQ+ community and the fight for equal rights. So... if you want to play a really good visual novel, you need to try this one! 

I'm already excited at the thought of playing your next masterpiece. I hope to see more vn as good as this one soon and one day I'd like to belong to a team that creates such wonderful things. You have something to be proud of. 

Thank you so much for your kind words! 

OMG. I can't express my eternal love for this game. It has my undying affection. Just like my love for Finn. My vampire babe. Anyway I just adore the game.

Thank you!!! x

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This game is without doubt one of the best ones I have ever played! I honestly can't express how much I love it! All the characters, their interactions and relationships are incredible complex!

My favorite route was Gus but all the other routes have a special charm that make playing them something fascinating! The entire game has a really deep history and everything just flows naturally.

Although I discovered the true behind the murders long before it was revealed, I wasn't bored or anything. On the contrary, it made me more excited about it, I wanted to know the WHY of it! (The true behind the Hunters did caught me by surprise!!). The "good" and "bad" endings are both amazing!

The illustrations are breathtaking! Although some of them have a different vibe, they all feel connected. The colours, the lighting, the emotion behind the eyes, I love them!!!
My only “critic”, is that if you play the no-romance option with the “good” ending, you don’t get a new illustration with the entire group at the end of the game, which made me really sad because I was really hoping for that u.u. But I also understand that group illustrations are a pain in the ass, so yeah lol

I want to congratulate the entire team. The people behind the writing and the art!The person who programed everything! Everyone! This game was a delight to play and I can't wait to do it again!

You're so kind, thank you so much! We made the game with very limited resources but we are planning on implementing a few changes to both the artwork and other things in a re-release planned for later this year. We hope you'll come back and play when that happens! x

Hello! Any chance for game to be released at Steam? I want a key for my library))))

yes next year! :) 

Thank you much than I'll buy it) With EKingdom)))

I played 1 route so far! This game is awesome. ^^

thank you! we hope you get to try the others! 

I might've stayed up playing this game instead of studying for finals haha. It was well worth it!

whoops 👀❤️

Totally completely love/adored this game, this is the best one i have ever played. I have done every romance they were to die for and the pictures - ace! looking forward to errant kingdom and every future game you do... keep up the truely excellant work x

that’s so kind! Thank you so much :) 

The game is fantastic and I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far ( yet to finish it). Congratulations to the team on making such interesting, lovable characters and a genuinely intriguing storyline!

Literally my only criticism is that it doesn't really make sense for Alkar to have two pairs of ears? I know it's a small thing but it kind of just looks... wrong?

Regardless, I'm very much enjoying the game so thank you for making it!


Alkar says, “Twice the chance to hear people talking shit about me. Also no one questions demons having ten eyes so why me?” 

I only now finished the last episode (because I kind of, absolutely have, an irrational fear of endings) and holy FrIgGING SHiT I'M ScreAming


Thank you so much for making this game, for creating these amazing characters, for making this world come to life. You literally changed my life.

I'm gonna cry myself to sleep now out of happiness.

Omen. MY. SWEET. BOY. 


Thank you!!! 


Ugh this was so awesome!!! I've only been able to finish August's route so far but this definitely leaves an impression on you. I'm usually one to focus on the storyline but the romance scenes made me melt...

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed ✨

(2 edits) (+2)(-1)

(minor spoilers) 

I just wanna say that I love this game! I'm always on the hunt for games that have meaningful choices + plot and there are only a few that keeps me intrigued to satisfy my thirst for romance. I usually play ones that have a (customizable) female lead so I can immerse myself in the game and with that, I'm pretty so-so about the MC. I understand that it's supposed to be LGBTQ+ but there were some moments where it was obvious that the MC was male. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not... Regardless! I adore the story line and appreciate the inclusion for the community.

At first, I was immediately drawn to Alkar with his absolutely hot  appearance and brash personality but when the game ended, I was slightly disappointed with his route. There was something missing and felt like there could have been more to his story since I noticed it was a bit short :/ (same with Omen...) However, I do understand that this is more based on mystery rather than romance (?) 

On the other hand, I have played everyone's route (I have not gotten up to the polyamorous route + piper [yet]) and so far, I LOVE Finn and Ezra. Both of their paths were very fulfilling with enough fluff and angst (sucker for both!) I also liked the idea of choosing whether or not to lead during Ezra's path. 

Also, OOF, that plot twist though! Kind of made me feel sorry for him since he just wanted to make the world a better place (reminded me of an anime but I can't think of it from the top of my head rn...). I was kind of confused though. What exactly happened to James and how did he die? (I have a feeling it was Harry but... I just wanted some clarifications if you don't mind!) 

Overall, awesome game with a mind boggling plot twist, mystery, and romance :) btw, what is the name of the opening song? It's so catchy *_*


Thanks so much for playing And we’re so glad to hear you enjoyed! 

The MC is absolutely not intended to just be viewed as ‘male only’ and the game is written by an LGBTQA+ team, so we put great care into creating the game so that everyone, no matter their gender, can play and feel included. We pride ourselves on having a strong and independent MC who isn’t afraid to stand up for themselves and forge their own path, which certainly isn’t something restricted to male-only characters. 

We will certainly take your comments into consideration though! Again, thank you so much for playing and enjoying the characters 🌙


I can't say enough about this visual novel. I love it all! The music is amazing an the character designs are so clean and some how add a lot of emotion into the game. I did the Finn and Ezra route and the just Ezra route so far. Ezra is adorable and yet still very surprising. I love their forms when they fight for you, it adds a more beautiful aspect to them. The glow of the magic in the game is honestly amazing and satifies me in some way. Overal, so for I would say that this game is literally a 12/10.

Thank you so much for a wonderful comment! We’re thrilled you enjoyed the game ✨

(1 edit) (+1)

Wow the characters & the music & the plot of this were so amazing! There are not many games like that, I also loved how it was drawn!

Thank you!! 

This game/story was so much fun.  The music is still running through my head when the house is quiet, and I think fondly back to my supernatural friends.

Thank you so much XD 

(2 edits)

I'll try to succinct, but I cannot describe how truly incredible this game is. It is by far my favorite VN, and most definitely one of my favorite games in general. The artwork is beyond beautiful, the soundtrack plays such amazing paralells to the story, and the writing is beyond my expectations. Kris and Kevin are so incredibly skilled, I can only aspire to write as well as them.

I'll admit, I have to contain my excitement while writing this. I keep wanting to bring up how great every aspect of this is, but I'll try to reign it in. It's the little things, really. I can't get over how the y'all managed to portray all the characters with such well-rounded, intricate personalities, it really is beyond me. Especially the well-paced, fulfilling build-up in romancing, at least in Finn's route, as I've only just made it to the end and finished his route and needed to write my thoughts immediately, however jumbled they may be..

So, it may not mean much coming from a stranger, but I hope everyone who helped work on this game is unbelievably proud of themselves, it very much so is a work of art. I hope for only the best for this team of creators and their future work!

It absolutely means the world to us to hear how much you enjoyed it! Thank you for your very kind words 🌙

I enjoyed this game so much! It has a wonderful story and characters. Alkar was a delight to romace. He is absolutely adorable!! The ending made me feel so proud of all the characters and their achievements. It was a truly memorable game. Thank you for creating this piece of art and sharing it with others❤️!


Thank you so much 🌙

I plan on writing a mini review after I finish all of the routes. It's definitely among the top VN's I've played. I really wish I had an August in real life. They're my absolute favorite.

Also, I love the song you chose for August. If anyone wants to know which song it is, I looked it up and it's 'Phantasm', by Kevin Macleod.

Thank you! We adore that song too ✨

Hello! I was playing this game all night long, and my boring daily routine faded away, that was awesome. I want to thank your team for making good games, keep it up c: Also, I was wondering if we could translate this game into Russian! It'd be nice to let our non-English speaking readers take a look at your creation (but we're not a pro team, just two average translators;;)

Just finished my first playthrough, and this game is amazing! I do have a lingering question or two, though: why were all the murder victims Hunters? Why one every seven days? I'm not sure if this was explained and I missed it, or if we were supposed to infer it from clues. 


Thank you!! Spoilers...

The victims were all hunters as they are the only ones who would oppose the creatures. The creatures/turned hunters were not out looking to harm anyone, but when cornered/approached by a Hunter their instinct to survive would make them attack. They often approached Hunter’s out of lingering familiarity too. 

Thank you for the explanation! Wow, the creatures/turned hunters seem a lot more sympathetic to me now.


This is the first time I have played WTNC and I have a comment about the transition between Chapter 8 and 9. 

There is a large part of the end of Chapter 8 that is repeated at the beginning of Chapter 9, unlike the other chapters where there are 2 or 3 sentences. I find that this breaks the flow of the story when it was not the case with the other transitions.

Do you plan to reduce the number of repeated sentences for the beginning of Chapter 9 in a future update?


We had an issue with our coding and the selection from the end of Ch8 didn’t carry over hence the repetition. This is something we’ll fix in our updated version which will release here and on steam in 2020!

Thanks, I understand better now! :)

I also have another question. How many GGs are there for each character, please?


I'm very happy that a friend recommend this game . I really fell in love with Lunaris and the characters especially Augustus. I'm looking forward to the mini stories and Errant Kingdom.

ive been here since chapter 2 and d a m n has this shit come far

i love this game so much my dudes

Thanks! We love YOU! 

Will this be coming to android at any point? It looks amazing!

We are hoping to port the game to an app version next year! 

I'm so excited to hear this. I would love to recommend this to some friends but majority of them are phone users. T_T

just a quick question– i want to go back and replay all the routes with different choices, but i don't want my saves to get cluttered. is there any way to delete save files? i'm on a mac, and the hover-delete method isn't working for me. thank you so much!

been wondering the same thing! if we could get an option to delete saves on Mac that'd be awesome!


We'll look into this for you as we assumed it would be the same as the windows version! If you're looking to delete older saves you can go straight into the saves folder and do it manually, but they aren't named unfortunately.

to do that, would it be in the package contents of the actual app file? i poked around and can't find the saves folder. maybe i'm just not looking in the right places?


Are you thinking of doing a walkthrough or guide now that the game is over?

We don't think a walkthrough is really necessary for this particular VN! We've tried to be really transparent with our choices throughout the game so you're aware of what direction your chosen options will lead to you in! 

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