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"The ocean calls to me, and I think I might answer it..." 

Dive into the 1950s and explore an eldritch-horror infested world soaked in dark magic, mystery, and romance. Call Me Under takes place in the mysterious underwater city of Styx, a haven inhabited by humans, sirens, and a host of unknown otherworldly entities. 

Play as a choice of two different faceless protagonists from The Surface seeking to leave their past behind and start fresh in a new city, even if it is one only rumored to exist at the bottom of the ocean. They do say there's nothing like a clean slate...

But maybe not if you find yourself thrown into the middle of a brewing fight between the Shadows and the Light; two ancient, otherworldly entities embroiled in a centuries-long battle for power. 

Call Me Under is rated Mature 17+ for strong language, sexual themes, dark humor, violence, body horror/blood, and eldritch horrors.

Call Me Under will have:

- 60+ unique CGs
- Over 25 possible endings (good and bad!)
- 6 individual romances
- 2 polyamorous romances
- And MUCH more! 

Our demo is a very early example of what you will see in the final game, with many elements and features still a work in progress. We created this preview with the intent of introducing you to the characters and giving you a peek into the world of Styx, and we look forward to bringing you an incredible game when completed!  Blue is the only character that is voiced in the demo, but all seven of our main characters will be in the completed game.

This is our first non-episodic project and will be released as a full game. We are aiming for a Fall/Q4 2021 release on Steam, itch.io, and Nintendo Switch (eShop). 

Archie, The Doctor (he/him) - Voiced by Stephen Fu
Eve, The Medium (they/them) - Voiced by Farah Naz Rishi
Callie, The Songbird (she/her) - Voiced by Tracy Ifeachor 
Penny, The Private Eye (she/her) - Voiced by Allegra Clark
Blue, The Fallen (he/him) - Voiced by Robbie Daymond
Adrien, The Siren (they/he) - Voiced by Noshir Dalal


Call Me Under Demo 1 GB
Call Me Under Demo 1 GB


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AHH!!!! I'm so excited for this game, blue has definitely stolen my heart already! 

I love all your games so much and am super excited for this one!!! it looks so good oh my goodness

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oooh, cant wait to hear more about the Skia or what the other option is, I loved picking half fae before

Not sure why but I get an error when I try to skip parts that I have already read.

idk why but the download isn't working for me... it just doesn't start after I click download.

That’s usually a connection error sorry! 

yeah and I dunno if in your house your fam or maybe you use VPN xD. I I am new and noticed that if I have it on, it won't let me dl it. I have to disconnect it for a few minutes to start and finihs my dl

Just played the demo - LOVE the BGM! Can't wait to romance Blue and Adrien.

This gives me such strong Bioshock vibes - I love it <3

I'm so excited to see the full game! Thank you for the hardwork Lunaris Games!

This game is awesome!!!!!!

i'm in love

will your previous games possibly have voice work as well?

I know they're working on voicing When the Night Comes.  I believe it is supposed to come out in 2021.

omg omg YES