ReVamp Clarifications

We’ve been seeing a few comments about people complaining about the price increase and we wanted to reiterate that if you purchased the $5 version you will get the ReVamp for free. This has always been the case and is clearly stated in our posts about the ReVamp. The increase wasn’t initially planned but we’ve put an incredible about of time and money into the update over the last two years, and we believe our team deserves to be compensated for that. This new price is a sustainable cost that will allow us to increase staff pay and continue to create other content, while also helping us pay for the additions we’ve made. It is still significantly cheaper than a lot of games this size and scope would charge as we wanted to keep it affordable. We’re still a very small core team of five developers and are self-published, meaning every single cent that we make goes back into our work. Every single update we’ve made is intended to ensure the longevity of the game and in turn of the studio as a whole.

You will not be disappointed when you see the amazing things we’ve added, and this game is OUR baby that we cherish, and we believe it deserves the level of love and detail we’ve finally been able to put into it. This will be the game we always wanted it to be but were unable to create thanks to team size and financial restrictions. 

Thank you again for your patience and support. We’ll have our voice actor announcement trailer ready for you hopefully next week! You’ll be blown away, trust us 💕

Also, as a footnote, the DLCs will be down too while we complete work on the ReVamp but you’ll have access to them again shortly. 

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