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I have ADHD and temporarily forgot this game existed. THIS UPDATE IS THE BEST NEWS TO RETURN TO.


Im going crazy waiting for this game to release! I can't wait!!! The anticipation is killing meeeeeee!!! So excited!!! ~squeal

Loving the demo so far! I just gotta say, and idk if this is a 'me' problem or a game problem, but some of the dialogues are not audible. Like some are, but there will be a random line that's not, and I haven't seen anyone else bring it up, so I'm thinking its just my game that's doing this. Any suggestions?


The game is partially voiced :) 

Ah, gotchu! Thanks for the reply! Really looking forward to the final release, so far its amazing!

Adam Faison! I loved him in Everything's Gonna Be Okay. How heartwarming to see one of my fave actors in one of my fave VNs! 

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OMG I love Gideon Emery I love his voice I fell in love with his voice when he played Fenris in Dragon Age 2 and when I just heard his voice as Finn my heart fluttered!


I was a little worried about the voices because we always imagine characters differently to others but the selection is so great. They really match the image I have of them!


You got Fenris?! Oh damn xxx


I could write a hundred page love letter to Gideon Emery's voice. I'm in a state of euphoria over this revelation! Eagerly waiting for the release day now! 


:0 jONAH SCOTT?!?!? AND CHRIS PATTON????? OMGGGGG!!!!!!!! im so excited for the Revamp to come out!! i know this will be beyond amazing!!!


YOU GOT GIDEON EMERY?!?!?!?!! HOLY CRAP I'M SO EXCITED!!!! this was such nice news after an awful day T_T 




OMG YESSSSSSS!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait for the ReVamped edition y’all are amazing


EEEE GIDEON EMERY i screeched i love him as fenris in DAII!!


Same! Omg, I was SO excited when I heard his voice!


EEEEEH! So excited!


Geez, I was already in love with August, you didn't need to go this hard 😂


Welp, that's it.  Gotta romance Finn now.


Screams in excitement. See? I can't even spell it I'm so excited. Gideon Emery????? Well there goes me romancing anyone but Finn ever again.

I thought the same!! 


Ahhh I'm so excited!! I love everyone's voices, particularly August's and Piper's, and I'm super impressed you got Gideon Emery. I also love that you have Jonah Scott and Chris Patton, as I think they do great jobs in Beastars and FMA/FE:3H respectively.


How did you get Fenris!!! Holy crap 🖤🖤🖤


Omg this is amazing! 💜💜💜

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