WTNC: The ReVamp Available NOW!


Thank you so much for your patience! We're so pleased to finally bring you the ReVamp and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. We really hope that the improvements we've made to the game will help you experience it in a new way if you've played before, and if you're playing for the first time WELCOME and thank you for your support. We're a self-publishing, tight knit tiny indie team with a lot of love for what we create, and we hope that our characters can bring you even a little joy. 

Please note that the game isn't live on Steam just yet as it's pending review but you will be able to  redeem your Steam key there if you got on with your itch purchase when it IS live. 

Lots of love, the LG team x

Shit can happen so if you find any bugs please use our reporting form


WTNC ReVamp 1 GB
Aug 07, 2021
WTNC ReVamp 1 GB
Aug 07, 2021

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deleted old comment caused the answer was found in the comments below. Looking forward to trying this game out again I loved it the first time I went through it!

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you get the last pic when you play one of the mini stories

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"- Ezra and Piper's chapter 8 CG's were not unlocking in the gallery (you will need to reply the scene with the CG to unlock it)" 

You would probably need to download the patched version and play it again for the CG to show up

I am so psyched to replay this game with the voices! My original playthrough was with Ezra & Finn, and I was determined to choose someone different but then you got Gideon Emery to voice Finn hahaha! But no, I shall stand strong and instead see what lies beneath August's frosty facade. I'm an hour in and loving all the voice work so far.

So far absolutely loving this ReVamp, the voice acting is phenomenal, new art is gorgeous, and the little story additions are lovely. I've only noticed a couple issues (other than the stuttering that's already been mentioned :) )

1. In Til Death Ezra+Finn route (possibly also in his solo route but I haven't gotten there yet), Ezra's eyes glitch when blinking while in his new outfit.

2. There are still some passages mentioning Alkar's brand, mostly in the later chapters. 

If I find any more I'll let y'all know but otherwise, well freaking done on an awesome re-release!

Ahh how do I download this for free? (I bought it a year ago)

Look for a mail titled "Your purchase of 'When The Night Comes'" you can download it from there or go to your purchases page!

I haven't received anything :( I bought it off Itch

Hey :) So I'm not sure if you still haven't been able to get the game, but it's just as the person said :)

Whatever email account you use for Itch, will be the email they will have sent the download link to for the game. It helps to find by copying "Your purchase of 'When The Night Comes'" into the search bar to filter the email out, and it'll be there :)


I loved the first version of WTNC and I'm amazed by all your hard work. You're definitely one of my favorite indie team of video games, and I like how these games, while still being heavy on romance, still tell a good story! 

The ReVamp was everything I wanted! Great work!


Well, I am just floored by how absolutely amazing this game was/is. I've made it through the entire game once (with a good ending + romance, and a/the bad ending) and I can't wait to play through the other routes to learn more about this incredible world. 

I had played what's available of Errant Kingdom a couple months ago in six or seven hours because I have no chill and I remember ending the game and just thinking to myself "wow these writers and teams at Lunaris are just pushing the genre forward" and having played one of y'alls games to completion, I'm feeling the same way. I can't wait to see what's next and hope everyone can celebrate all their hard work!


Hi!!! I just purchased this last night and am loving it so far!! This is my first playthrough of the game and I'm super excited!!

Only this is, and I'm unsure if it's something from my end or not, but sometimes when a sprite slides in or off screen they tend to stutter right before? like they go back to their original spot and then continue back to the sliding animation. Just wanted to let y'all know incase that's a bug or something!!! Thank you for the amazing game!


Thank you so much! We’re aware and looking into this right now so hopefully we’ll find a fix soon :) 


SO so so excited and happy!!! Love you guys<3<3<3 The hype is real!!!!


Are mini stories available in ReVamp ? Do you need unlock them somehow ?


They’re in the ‘Extras’ screen and they are unlocked when the game is complete! 

When will the game be live on steam 


We’re waiting for them to approve our release so hopefully over the next few days 


Hi! I haven't been able to claim a steam key. It says there are no keys available. 


Hi I have the same problem but further down in the comments it says that they ran out of steam keys and when it's live more will be available!


The game isn’t live on Steam yet as we’re waiting for them to approve the release so this may be why. We also have to wait for them to release keys when we request so if we run out we will add more ASAP! 

@Lunaris Games I haven't received any mail to download this. I bought this a year ago and I don't know how to download the revamp

Just go to your purchases page or to the download page from the main WTNC page. If you’re logged into the same account you purchased it with then you will be able to download. If not, you need to contact itch.io for assistance 


Just played through Finn's route. I honestly love this guy! Thanks for making this game!!! It's truly worth the wait! I saw the mini stories and codex! Thanks for the extras I honestly love it! Thanks again!!!

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed! 


Hi, and congrats on the revamp release! I am one of the Eclipse patrons and I was wondering why haven’t our names been added in the credits, and instead all Patrons are being thanked. I mean, it’s a nice gesture, but it is even nicer to keep a promise and add all the $20 tier patron names in the game, as advertised. Thanks!

We had an unexpected amount of support for this tier and we’re trying to think of a way to add everyone’s names to the game in a future update, we promise we haven’t forgotten 

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Is the game fully ou partially voiced, please? I just want to know if it's normal that there are non-voiced lines or if it's just a mistake (which is perfectly understandable, you had just released the Revamp).

It's only partially voiced

Thank you.

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I'm wondering that too, did you figure it out by any chance?

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It depends on whether you have 64-bit or 32-bit Windows.

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You're welcome! ;)

Thanks, got the steam key! So excited to play the Revamp on steam. 


when will the steam keys be sent to previous owners of the game. Also when will the game be coming to steam I’m super excited to play it 

If you go to itch's website instead of the app and you click to download, it should bring you to the download page and you should be able to redeem it there. That's how I got mine, just waiting to redeem it now 😊😊😊 

it said there are no keys available at the time is that because the game is not out on steam yet. 

We ran out of keys but we've just added more! The game isn't live on Steam just yet as it's pending review but as soon as it is you should be able to redeem your key :)