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Errant Kingdom is an episodic release and will update in volumes/chapters on a bi-monthly (once every two months) basis. We plan for there to be a minimum of 5 volumes, each totaling approximately 2.5-3 hours of playtime over the three routes.

Your purchase will give you access to the download of the Prologue and all subsequent volume/chapter updates, including upcoming side quests and mini games for no additional cost (ever!).

 "Heaven and hell suppose two distinct species of men; the good, and the bad. But the greatest part of mankind float betwixt vice and virtue."

- David Hume

Errant Kingdom is a queer, high-fantasy visual novel for PC, Mac & Linux, and is the second game by Lunaris Games, the indie team behind supernatural murder mystery & #2 on itch.io's top rated games (2019),  When The Night Comes.

The Kingdom of Novus has been thrown into disarray, and it's up to you to decide if you’ll help to bring peace, or if you’ll stoke the fires of chaos. Enter a high fantasy world steeped in political intrigue; where magic touches the land and blood turns the wheels unseen. Dishonor & betrayal. Hope & despair. Pick a side, and meet your match.

Errant Kingdom is a story with darker elements at play. As a denizen of the kingdom of Novus, you're at the heart of watching history unfold before your eyes. Whether you see its rise or fall, however, is up to you. There are those who will help you in your endeavors along the way, and might even find themselves enamored with you. Though, it is also possible to earn their ire should your plans be devious. Only you will influence how the story evolves, and the most important moves to make are yours, and yours alone.

Errant Kingdom features three playable protagonists (with no fixed protagonist portrait, leaving players free to imagine their character as they see fit) and eight potential romance routes (six individual, two polyamorous). You can also play the game without romancing anyone and it will not affect your experience in any way. 

We have no in-game purchases, and this one-off cost will give you access to a potential 240+ hours of game play when taking into account our 8 romance routes, our no romance play-through, and our three different MC roles. Each play-through has the potential to be vastly different, depending on your choices, your actions, and the way you interact with those around you. 

You can play our mini demo now which will show you a small portion of the Nomad route! 

Errant Kingdom will be Rated 18+ for explicit language, violence, and sexual themes. The game is made with the Unity engine.

You're a revered noble from Vih'thris chosen by your King to serve as an Ambassador to the kingdom of Novus. Previous meetings between you have made you see eye to eye, and you've managed to establish a friendly, but tenuous alliance. While newly immersed in the court of Novus, you advocate for the betterment of both kingdoms. However, though you may serve the realm, you also serve the people. The assassination attempt puts into question both the King & Queen's ability to rule, and their integrity. It's up to you to decide how you will proceed. 

You've been sent to Novus from the neighboring kingdom of Vih'thris as a show of good faith between rulers. Hand-picked by your king, your reputation as a knight proceeds you, and you've been charged to serve Novus and its inhabitants in the name of glory. The reception to your arrival has been promising, but following an attempt on the lives of Novus' rulers, everything has been thrown into chaos. You've sworn to protect Novus with your life, but are you happy to serve the sometimes bloody hands that rule?

By the order of a high-ranking associate in your hometown, you find yourself stationed in Novus; a kingdom that has a grudge against its newly appointed rulers. As a small rebellion threatens to find its footing, you plant yourself amongst the 'normal folk' to cause chaos. Though, it is up to you to decide if you will stoke those fires of rebellion, or if you'll douse them and reduce them to ash. 

We want to give those who might not be interested in pursuing a romance the chance to comfortably enjoy the game. You can play the game without having to select any flirt options, or enter a relationship, whilst still experiencing the story in-full.

Depending on your choices and actions throughout the game on our dialogue wheel your reputation will fluctuate. This system will allow players to unlock special dialogue options and experiences that will influence the reactions of those around you, all tailored around the choices you make, just like in your favorite RPGs!

In Novus' town square from Chapter Two (coming May 2020) you'll find a mission board where you can pick up additional mini-quests for added game play. With each update, the board will change, and you'll get the chance to embark on some weird and wonderful journeys in addition to the main story-line. Though, you'll have to wade through the letters of complaint, petty disputes between townsfolk, and lonely hearts adverts first...

Unlock character information, lore, and much more in our Codex that will appear in the main menu via the 'Quests & Extras' noticeboard. 

Errant Kingdom has a LGBTQA+ cast of love interests, each with their own unique backgrounds and intertwining stories. You will begin the game as merely an acquaintance, but as the story progresses you will have the chance to spend time with each of them. Eventually, if you choose a romance route, you will become exclusive with one (or two, if polyamorous options are selected) of our love interests, and will gain access to special scenes, CGs, and conversations.  

All six love interests are romanceable individually, and our polyamorous relationships are Lucien & Raiden, and Maja & Erik. Roux is asexual, and Livia is demisexual.

Our story is linear, so once a romance is selected, you will still interact with all of our other cast members! We're trying to bring an RPG style of game play to the Visual Novel world, and this is one of the elements we're most passionate about executing well. 

You can also check out our character playlists over on Spotify

L-R top row; Lucien (they/them), Raiden (he/him), Livia (she/her)

L-R bottom rowl Erik (he/him) , Maja (she/her) , Roux (they/them)

We're a queer indie development team with a passion for creating immersive, narrative-driven stories filled with diverse characters. 

We believe that representation matters, whether it be solving supernatural murders, or saving a kingdom. Our primary goal is to bring the stories & games to the LGBTQA+ community that it so sorely needs, and to do that with the love it deserves and that we have for it. 

Website/ Shop| Twitter| Instagram


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this Visual Novel you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Errant Kingdom Chapters 0-1 (64bit) 392 MB
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Errant Kingdom Chapters 0-1 (Mac) 393 MB
Errant Kingdom Chapters 0-1 (Linux) 395 MB

Download demo

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Hi folks,

I am really loving this game, thank you for your hard work!

I have a small bug though, when I click on Maja's 3rd CG, the second one appears instead. I've played the Nomad and Knight routes and have save games with the ends of each chapters.


any chance you guys will be releasing this game either on Android or IOS?

Hey I'm not sure where to send this but I think there is a bug when trying to save at the end of Chapter 1. I thought it was a glitch at first but all the text options become jumbled when trying to save at the end of Chapter 1 for all 3 routes. The pop-up screen that would be asking if you're sure about overwriting a file to save is similarly jumbled. Is this happening to anyone else?

(Otherwise all 3 routes for the chapter are INCREDIBLE and super fun to play through!! Great job!)

Are there differences depending on what race you choose?

(12 edits) (+3)

They made a post about it here.

For future reference, pressing Ctrl + F it will bring up a little search engine in the bottom left corner that you can use to look for something in a page. I typed in "race" and it instantly highlighted the word on the screen (if present) and told me how many matches existed. I pressed the down arrow (next to the input space) to scroll through the several mentions and the last one was a month ago.

Since the authors already replied to that comment, I took the liberty of re-posting their link here. ;)

I mean ingame/gameplay differences, like characters reacting differently or things happening, or having special choices, depending on your race. Or if it's just a few changes in flavour text. ^^

And the ctrl + f shortcut doesn't seem to work in the app, which is what I use.


>3> I really love this game<3 GO RAIDEN!! <3 >3< love him soo much!


(Comment after having played both Prologue + Chapter 1, for reference)
I think one of the things I really appreciate so far is that all 3 routes have a slightly different tone and style to how MC dialogue and interactions are written, where you actually get to feel like you're playing people from different if not cultural than at least economical backgrounds. How the various characters respond to you also changes, and I think that's very interesting in how you get to see different sides of them depending on who you play, and how some might be.. downright rude to you almost, compared to a lot warmer depending which background you pick.
Kind of confused for now how the stats are gonna play into the story, since sometimes you kinda have to sacrifice rep for heart options, tho it then again lets you sorta make up for it, but it does makes me consider whether in some cases it's actually a bit of a gamble as to how the story will eventually play out.
Very much on board so far! Fair warning, the UI is suuper clunky atm, but I know that it's a work in progress as well, and the essentials work well enough. Definitely having fun with this.


Is the game supposed to autosave? It won't let me save during dialogue choices bc it says that it will autosave, but I can't find where to go to load back if it does.


Hey guys, I've played your other game before, and was really interested in this game when it was announced since I've seen how good you guys are at what you do. So I went to play the demo on my mac and I noticed how unless I'm on the main menu, (the first page that pops up when the game launches), I can't click on anything. For example, on the main menu I clicked Options, and from there it took me to a screen to where I could change text speed and other things. So I tried to drag to change the text speed and it didn't work. I tried the back button and nothing happened. I hope this comment gets your attention so you can hopefully see what's wrong. Can't wait to play the game once it's fixed!


Hi! Sorry to hear you're having issues. Some Mac users have reported this happening when the game isn't in full screen mode. We're not 100% sure why but if you can navigate to the options screen and enter full screen (apply settings, then 'keep changes') this should prevent the button issues from happening. If the issue persists please email us on kris@wtncgame.com and we'll see what we can do to help! 

It worked! Thanks for the help.


Hello guys! I really enjoy Chapter One.  I'm a bit curious. We have different origins to play through but does the history for each MC up to headcanon or there's a pre-determined history for each? Like for example from the knight origin, I headcanon that my MC is a second child from a noble house and she has been entered into the knights as per their family tradition.  


There are no set backstories for the MC’s other than what’s shown on the back of the cards during character selection, so you’re free to build your own! 

That's good to know!! Looking forward to creating a backstory for my MC. Thank you so much! 

Hey ! Just wantd to let you know that the CGs are still locked even after I play the game, is this a bug ? Hopefully  its fixed later ! Thank you for the game !!!

Hi! This isn't an issue anyone else has reported and we've just checked and they appear to be working. Do you have a save at the end of each route? CGs will only show in the gallery if you have saves once they've been unlocked/shown.  

ohhhh I didn't save them, my bad !


So I haven't had a chance to play the new update yet and it's possible I'm worried for nothing, but is there skipping/backtracking functionality in the new version?  If not is that something that's being considered?  It's not always easy to figure out how a dialogue choice will go just from the prompts, which makes going back useful, and it's a VERY text heavy game so skipping is another tool that would be useful, particularly on replays 


You can skip by holding 'ESC/escape'! It will skip all dialogue and pause at menus only. We don't have rollback as this isn't something supported/pre-built in the system we use unfortunately.

Ah, thanks for letting me know about skip (and understand about back)!

(2 edits) (+5)

Update 15th March 2020:

I asked the amazing Team over Twitter and they replied almost instantly - their dedication really is something else! 
The updated files should be working correctly, at least it does for my Mac through the itch.io application. 

As for the game. I have no words. This visual novel is one of those games,  all the other games you'll play one day will have to compete with. 
The art is fantastic, I love the details like the clouds moving or the characters blinking/changing postures all the time; the story is superb and very intriguing  and the choice system is also very interesting.

I would recommend this game to anyone, because you as the player have so many options to shape your own story (preferred pronouns!!!!! optional romance/sexual content!!!!!!).  Not only the main characters, but also the side characters are extremely diverse and I never felt it was forced. That also shows how fluent and natural the writing is.

The developer team is so kind and friendly, you rellay feel their enthusiasm and love for their work. 
I would also like to say how extremely proud I am of their work - my first ever visual novel was 'When the night comes' (their first game!), which is undeniably fascinating and you really notice the progress of the whole team throughout Errant Kingdom. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 
Questioning buyers please consider this amazing game and support your LGBTQ+ inclusive and diverse indie game developers!!! 

Original comment/review:

Dear Lunaris Games Team,

I received an account key through Kickastarter and claimed it right away. I wanted to wait until the first chapter was published to download it, but the itch.io app for my Mac only downloads the Demo, never the game itself! 

I'm really disappointed I can't play the game since I backed you and all, is there a way to fix this? I tried downloading the game through my internet browser but the game still won't open ("this application cannot be opened").

I would really like to play it and would be grateful to have a solution soon! 
Thanks in advance for any advice!


Thank you for your lovely review! We hope you enjoy the rest of the game x


Hey so quick question how is the nomad a nomad if they have a hometown


Nomads can be defined by both someone with no fixed home, or someone who wanders from place to place before taking root somewhere (albeit temporarily before they move on again)  :) 


In the new update, the dialogue text is missing random letters for some of the routes and the backgrounds are not loading properly.

Hi! Could you email us with some more detail on this please? E.g which routes, which backgrounds. Kris@wtncgame.com


Really love this game and the fact you can be a half Fae is great, can't wait till fully out <3


Thanks for Linux :D

is this the full game? just wanted to ask before I buy

No, there's only the prologue so far - the game is still in development.

ok I will wait ^^ very interested

Hi there! I adore When the Night Comes and I'm so excited for Errant Kingdom. I purchased it on February 15th but was unable to access my Steam Key. I emailed Itchio for support with this but I have not yet heard back from this. Is this something you could help me with at all?

Email us on kris@wtncgame.com and we can take a look! 


played 2 out of the three characters so far, and absolutely loving it.  my only question is, what does each end of the meter mean at the top left for all the characters? 

They posted a key on their tumblr

To what degree is Roux asexual? I know that intimacy depends on what a person is comfortable with, but I just want to know how Roux views the topic. Are they completely sex-repulsed or more positive about it?


Roux certainly isn’t repulsed by the concept of sex but the idea of having it themselves isn’t something they find pleasurable.


What about other forms of intimacy? Also, how would this affect their route, in comparison to the other characters?  I am hoping to buy the game in the future, after I finish playing W.T.N.C.  I am not completely well-versed about asexuality, but I am still very interested in playing Roux's route.

Any chance this will be on steam?

It's already out on steam! :D

(2 edits)

are we going to have poly relationships as well? :D when can we expect the first chapter?


Yes there are two; Maja & Erik and Lucien & Raiden :) 

Chapter one is coming in early March!



So I played Errant Kingdom for the first time yesterday and today. 

I think it's actually interesting to be honest, the undisguised (or at least poorly hidden) caution towards the Ambassador as opposed to the Knight and Nomad.  It's only the prologue of course so I could be wrong, but I think I'm getting a clear view on who would like revolution and chaos, change, for the kingdom, and who wants better for the people; and the people who kind of just watch from the sidelines, perpetually amused, waiting for the dust to settle. 

This game definitely has potential for lots of replayability. I went for the safe route, advocating for people to get along but the idea of spreading anarchy and being generally evil, could also be an interesting thing, too. 

10/10 would recommend. 


Thank you for playing! The three routes are all very different to begin with when it comes to where their loyalties lie, but the potential for you to change that and craft their path is something we're really excited to play with x

I just wanted to know, what are the differences between the races of humans and Leathans? 


There's a post about the races of Novus over on our blog right here :)

thank you!


As far as the romances go, would it be much different depending on which path you chose? Like, would a nomad romance be much different than an ambassador romance? Would it be worth it to go through each LI with each path? 


Yes! All romances will be VERY different depending on which role you're playing. For example, if you're a Knight romancing Erik there may very well be some conflict due to his issues with the palace, or if you're a Ambassador romancing Raiden you'll have quite the time explaining that to you superiors...

Basically there's many possibilities and replay value, specifically when it comes to the romances :) 


Welp, looks like I'll be playing it 24 times, at least, then! <3 <3 

Are there any plans to change the lack of scrolling back and/or saving during choices? I've already bought the game and I'd still play it (I'm already obsessed with Erik and Raiden) but it sure would make it easier if I had at least one of those options! 


I have just finished the prologue, and I am absolutely amazed by it (of course, I was not expecting anyhthing less from the team that brought to life WTNC, another favorite of mine).

However, I found some mild inconveniences, namely the CG reveal takes a lot of time. Also, after finishing the demo, I went to the gallery to see the CGs and they are still locked. Is this normal for the demo, and will they unlock when the first Chapter begins?

Thank you!


Thank you so much! We've actually discovered some framerate issues which are slowing down gameplay for some people and we'll be issuing a fix for that soon, so this will fix the slow-reveal on the CGs! 

CGs are only unlockable in the full version :)


I am having issues with the Ambassodor's route. The meter for tact does not move, is this normal? I know it is only the prologue so I am not expecting much progress with that but it didn't move at all no matter what I chose unlike the other two routes. If this is an issue, is it also an isolated issue?


This isn’t an issue, just how the stats are coded. There aren’t as many options in Ambassador that increase the bar in the prologue. Stat increase options vary between route. 

Oh, alright! Sorry to bother you. I was worried the game was glitching; I am glad that's not the case! Btw you guys did such a wonderful job, it's my favorite game ever!


That’s okay! Thank you so much ❤️

Would it be possible to make Steam codes available for people who paid for the Itch version during the Kickstarter? I assumed going into it that we were being given an either/or choice of Steam or Itch, but now Itch codes have been made available to Steam backers (for completely understandable reasons). Plus it looks like all new purchases on Itch come with Steam keys, but keys aren't available to the original backers for some reason? 

I'm really not trying to be a jerk! But if I'd known we were the only ones who wouldn't be given the option of owning the game on both platforms, I would have waited to buy it on Itch post-Kickstarter instead.


Absolutely! Looks like a certain box wasn't ticked on itch when we did the keys but if you email us on kris@wtncgame.com with your backer ID we'd be happy to supply you with a Steam key :)  

(1 edit) (+2)

Wonderful, thank you!

ETA: For anyone who, like me, wasn't sure where to get your backer ID, go to the project page and click on the tier you backed ("View your pledge"). It's at the bottom of the Reward section.

Was excited to see demo back out - but, Unfortunately, it still doesn't seem to work with the latest Mac OS. Will there eventually be a playable demo for Catalina users? Would really love to support this.

It's definitely compatible with Catalina as we've had more than a few people with that OS play it! However sometimes there are issues with Unity games on Apple machines with security. You can try the steps at this link to help.

If this doesn't work please email us on kris@wtncgame.com and we'll see what we can do to help :) 


I was having the same issue, but downloading the demo through the itch.io app seemed to work for me. :)


Thank you! I actually did do that last and it worked for me - appreciate the tip. Hopefully others who have the same issue will get to this result much faster now. haha


I was so excited to play the demo (Lucien is so up my alley, it's not even funny lol), but I've noticed a few things that have made me hesitant to pay for the full version. I got stuck on Erik's CG reveal at the bar for a good while and had to wait what felt at least a full minute before it let me move on... When it finally did, I accidentally clicked past dialogue that I couldn't go back to read via either scrolling back or the story log (it seems to be broken. I can't move past a certain point and what it does let me read is from the beginning to a point no where near where I actually am in the story). Do all of the CGs have long reveals like this, so I know for the future? Also, are there supposed to be no save slots or an auto text option? Is that normal for the full version as well, or just a quirk of the demo? Looking at the (understandably locked) gallery, I also noticed the few CG previews looked like 2 very different artists were involved, one more cartoonish and the other more realistic. Which artist is more prevalent in the majority of the CGs, or is it balanced? I'm curious why it was done this way. Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you! 


The CG scroll definitely shouldn’t be taking that long and we’ll look into that! The demo also has locked features that are available in the main game like the save/load system, story log etc. 

We have two artists who are both incredible because we are a tiny indie team of 5 and with episodic releases it’s absolutely unrealistic to expect one artist to provide all 12 CGs and sprites (including expressions) for every update. Anna does our promo art, sprites and half of the CGs, and Len writes our Knight route and provides the other 6 CGs. We love showcasing the two different styles, even though they are quite different :) 

Ok, I was hoping that was the case! Thank you ^^


Long time fan - I've been eagerly waiting for this game to come out since finishing WTNC and this is amazing so far, I'm in love with the characters! I also can't believe how fast you guys have come out with a patch, thank you.

After playing through it, I'm just dying to ask: I know this is just the prologue and the MC is in that kinda "reacting to everything" first stage, but I was wondering if they have something (class specific or general) that seperates them from the rest? What makes them special or uniquely suited to being this agent of change? Why are they in such high demand? Is this something we'll discover as the story develops? 


Thank you so much for playing and we're glad you enjoyed! We definitely can't answer that as it is a spoiler, so you'll just have to play and see ;3


I just bought this and am currently downloading the prologue, but I'm really looking forward to it. 

I loved WTNC! It's one of my favorite games.

Thanks so much! 


Does race have an impact on the game or is it largely just cosmetic/flavor? Is there any lore on the Leathan? Appearance, lifespan, powers, etc?


It will affect certain dialogue options in the upcoming chapters. Here's a lore post on races in Novus; https://errantkingdomgame.tumblr.com/post/190316425638/humans-humans-are-as-you-...


Hello! I wanted to know, if we pay the 20 dollars pack, do we have the full game or only the prologue? :)


The game releases episodically every 2 months (see description) but you only pay the $20 once to get the Prologue/base, then every time we release a chapter it will be free :) 

(1 edit)

Hello! Congratulations on the release!I'm wondering though, I'm a kickstarter backer, how do I get the game on itch.io. 

Found the email. Can't wait to play this! 



Hi, congrats on the release of the prologue! I haven't bought the game yet, but I was wondering if there's going to be an updated full demo? I got the impression from the description that the current mini demo is only temporary, but I might have misunderstood.


Yes! We’ll be removing the current demo and updating to a new one soon as it’s very outdated in terms of art/ui etc. :) 

Thanks for the reply! I'm guessing there isn't a more specific date than "soon", but I'm looking forward to trying out the updated demo :)


It’ll be up on Tuesday ;) 

Ooh thanks, can't wait! :D


Wow this game is beautiful! Art, music, writing, little animations, the sheer aestethics of it. The characters are enchanting and story promises to be intriguing. Separate thanks for: Cedric, Raiden's finger guns,  MCs' names on save slots.

thank you so much! 


Just finished playing the prologue and I have to say mostly positive things about this new game: as always lovely art, intriguing characters and story. The storytelling is enchanting, as well for the music tracks you've used. 

All in all I'm looking forward to new updates. 

The only not so positive feature I found, at least in my opinion, is the new save/load mechanic through the moon icon: I don't think it is just as immediate and intuitive as it should be, and I was a little troubled by the inability to save always when I wanted to but only when the game would allow it. I like being free to save before choices, so to able to turn back immediately and change my response to see different outcomes straightaway.  Also I'd like to ask it you will considerate to add the possibilità to rewind and skip. 

That said, I'm extremely glad to the possibility to pick different origins for the main character, and I can't way to play the next part! 

I was also missing these features! I like to be able to save and return to choices and was disappointed that I wasn't able to do that. 

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to save this game. I've pressed every button on the keyboard, clicked all over the screen, double-checked the menu but nothing seems to work. 

Please put me out of my misery and tell me what I'm doing wrong. 


The gold moon icon in the top right corner is your menu button in-game which will take you to options, at the top of the options screen is the save/load button. 

Thank you for the quick reply! I found I have to click to the right of the gold moon icon within the black border for the menu to open. Not quite sure why that is but oh well. 


... Can I court Cedric? Please?

Jokes aside, the prologue was wonderful. I played through all the routes and I loved how unique and interesting they were.  I feel like everyone is constantly trying to play a prank on, embarrass, or trip up the main character, and it keeps me on my toes. The art is gorgeous, too. I'm excited for more. Thank you for the fantastic game. 

thank you so much! And, yes, they mostly are trying to make you falter ;3 

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