Errant Kingdom: Part One - Out Now

Errant Kindom: Part One - Out Now.

Part One consists of the Prologue + Chapter One and contains over 103k words and 22 CGs.

The remaining four parts of the game will be released roughly on a fortnightly basis, with the aim to have the full game released by the end of February 2023. We understand the split release is incredibly frustrating for those of you who have already waited so long, but as you can see above, our wordcount for this game, even for such a small portion of it, is absolutely huge and we are attempting to minimize the strain on the team with testing and fixes with these smaller, staggered releases. 

These releases should look as follows;

Part Two: Chapter Two + Three
Part Three: Chapter Four + Five
Part Four: Chapter Six + Seven 
Part Five: Finale 

Please remember that Errant Kingdom has been fully ported into a new engine (from Unity > Ren'py) due to a large number of players experiencing issues with the previous version and some being unable to play entirely. We are confident everyone should now be able to play on any system without issue and sincerely thank you for your patience during a very long delay. We recommend deleting your old game to clear space on your system as it no longer serves a purpose. 

Thank you again, and we hope you enjoy revisiting the game with us over the next two months and have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy new year. 


Errant Kindom: Part One 1 GB
Dec 22, 2022
Errant Kingdom: Part One 1 GB
Dec 22, 2022

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