Errant Kingdom Part Four: Out Now

Errant Kingdom Chapter Five: Devil's Backbone

A new dawn after a strange night, and you don't wake alone. It's time for your paths to converge under the watchful eye of the Gods...


- Romance routes are here (all 24 of them + our three no-romance routes) 

- Poly and Ace flirt buttons are now active (apologies these weren't added sooner, I do all the coding myself and required some assistance)

- To enter a poly romance route (Maja & Erik or Rai & Luci) please utilize the poly flirt button when it appears during this chapter

- This update brings our total wordcount to 343,325k and our total CG count to 45 


- Some save names were incorrectly labeled as 'Four' instead of 'Three,' this has been fixed but if you want your Part Three saves to be correctly labeled you will need to replay and redo your saves

- Repeated line deleted in Raiden's Nomad romance route 

- Someone requested that we add an 'auto-forward' option to the quick menu and this is now available 

Fortnightly updates will resume once again after this update. We are now caught up to where we were with the previously released Unity version and all future chapters will be new content. We only have three more chapters left until the game is completed. 

See you next time, and enjoy. 

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