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I adore the love and care that you guys put into your games. I will always support you and your lovely creations. Best of luck, and I'm excited to see whats next for WTNC, Errant Kingdom and the future endeavors of Lunaris Games <3 


I finished the game and I'd be happy to support to you all!! Thank so much for your wonderful games and efforts. Love lots and Good Luck!

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I've already finished the game, but I'm probably going to purchase it to support you guys! you honestly deserve it xx gonna buy Errant Kingdom as well, obviously!  


That's so kind of you! 


Just bought the game and actually think you undervalued it with $5. I am always happy to support indies. However, as someone else mentioned, the new shiny version may not be running as smoothly as the current one. Tried Errant Kingdom and it's very sluggish and seems to get slower and slower the longer you play it. 

Hopefully this can be optimized and recitified for both games and the many upcoming games you will create in the future,

We are fixing some framerate issues with EK which will 100% fix any lagging! There's a patch due to come out sometime this week for that so its not an issue with the engine itself, just a bug :) 

I love When The Night Comes and Errant Kingdom! I will support y'all through all current and future games and I honestly can't wait for what the future holds, but I can proudly say that I will be there buying whatever y'all put out! So proud of y'all!

That's so sweet of you thank you! 

Nooooooooooo, Please don't change from Ren'py to Unity. PLEASE. I am loving this game so much but Unity games always crash on my PC... If you offer an android version then it's fine, but if you only offer PC then I won't be able to play anymore...

We're switching over to Unity so we have the ability to port to other non pc/mac/linux platforms! We can leave the Ren'py version up on itch but it will not have the new features unfortunately.

wait - if we downloaded the game when it was free - do we still have to buy it for the new updates ? -


So I totally understand where you're coming from changing the price (and I do appreciate the explination).  I'd just like to (respectfully) request that you leave the ren'py version of WTNC available once the updated Unity version comes out (my computers sometimes don't like Unity games).


I would like to second that request. Just tried Errant Kingdom, which is on Unity, and my pc didn't really agree with it. Not being able to play a game which performed perfectly fine on its original engine would be a shame.

We have discovered some frame rate issues with EK that we're working on a fix for now which will stop any lagging that people are experiencing.


a little bummed about my save files being overruled, but i’d love to give the lunaris team my support. is there any way to transfer data to the newer release without replaying the story entirely?

A few questions. So if I've already purchased the game, will I have to repurchase it when it is re-released if I want any further updates? Will I still be able to play the version I have now? And one final question, will it be more than $5 upon re-release? (Like is it a better move to buy it again here now instead of waiting). Thank you for all the hard work you guys put into this amazing game. I cannot wait until I have some extra money to buy Errant Kingdom (as it looks amazing and totally worth the $20, heck I've spend $20 on sims dlc that were SO not worth it lol).


They confirmed it over Twitter that it will still cost $5 and if you bought this version, you will get the revamped version free. 

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I downloaded the game when it was free and I loved it, I got bewitched since the title screen ( the music was too good!)

So, even though I've got the game already I'll buy it. I want to support you guys, you deserve it, the two games I've played from you are just too good quality and I can feel they were made with lots of love <3.

So yeah, sign me in, I'll be supporting you guys from now on (/'-')/ ~ <3 <3

(Sorry for any possible grammar mistake, english is not my first language :'( )


Thank you so much! x

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Artists are more than entitled to charge for their art. You, on the other hand, are not entitled to free content. Calm down and stop being disrespectful.


If you had messaged us explaining you’d deleted/lost the game from your computer we’d have happily given you a key, but using unnecessary language like this gets you nowhere :)